Why Do Babies Need Diapers?

Best Diapers To Keep Baby Dry

As a parent they are many things in your baby checklist from the bed, bassinet, stroller, baby supplies, the list can be endless. The baby registry can make life easier as it gives one variety of things you need or must-have.

Diapers are an essential baby item in any family household. Additionally, it is a type of underwear that allows the wearer to urinate or defect without the use of a toilet and soiling themselves.

Newborn may need to be changed diapers 10-12 times daily. It is not a hard task, practice makes perfect. Babies are known to spray one with pee or poo if the change takes long. Most parents have been victims of being soil if they do not tie the diaper fast.

Importantly, diapers keep children dry and clean. Furthermore, it is convenient for mammy to carry a baby while taking a walk or doing chores.

Although, if left on the baby for long can cause diaper rash and infections. When one hears the word diapers we think of a soft disposable type I guess it comes with the generation of parents.

History of Diapers

Diapers have been there for so long. Due to technology we have been privileged to be parents when mostly disposable diapers are common.

Not so long ago cloth diapers of famously known as nappies were being used. They were considered a luxury baby item to have. Not only could one wash and reuse but could be used by the other siblings born later. All a parent needed to do was tie it well and have a plastic covering on top to prevent leakages.

Just like the clothing industry has evolved even diapers were there several years ago. Clearly then parents back then in the 40s had to use animal skins, leaves, moss to act as diapers and some babies stayed naked.

In the 1800 cloth diapers started being used and parents would dry and reuse on the baby to protect their skins and hygiene. Alongside this, in 1950 the first foldable diaper was made with extra cotton layer much better than the preceding diapers.

Much changed in the 90s as technology improved and much thinner diapers were made for babies that could be boiled to kill bacteria. As the mothers started venturing in the work environment in the 20th-century diaper was greatly improved and become a necessity to have up-to-date.

Type of Diapers

We shop a lot when preparing for the newborn before their arrival as we want everything ready before they are born. Having enough diapers is one of the essential baby items as a baby needs a 10-12 diaper change daily.

You do not want to be out of them. Subsequently, it can be difficult to choose as we have many brands in the market of different types.

  • Disposable Diaper

A disposable diaper can absorb, retain fluids, and prevent leakage with made of an absorbent pad. Consist of elastic fibers that fit well around the baby’s legs. When properly fitted, the disposable diaper will retain body fluids which pass through the permeable top sheet and are absorbed into the pad.

  • Cloth Diaper

A cloth diaper was used before the introduction of disposable diapers that are common nowadays. Besides the cloth diaper is reusable, easy to put on and take off, more secure fit that keeps messes contained, and safer for baby’s skin.

  • Eco-Friendly Diaper

These are diapers made from materials that are safe for the baby as well as the environment. Most diapers made of most plant-based materials that are 100% biodegradable have no latex, chlorine processing, fragrances or lotions.

Best for Newborn

  1. Value Pack Pampers Premium

Babies pee a lot and a mother cannot have enough diapers in her checklist. We want a reputable brand when choosing diapers for our babies. Not only is Pampers a known brand but is approved by the British skin foundation.

It is a good choice for your bundle of joy as it will keep her dry up to 12 hours as it consists of air channels and a wetness indicator.

Its soft feathery material gently touches on baby skin and is good for a newborn who naval are yet to heal.


  • Keep baby dry up to 12 hours.
  • Value pack great for a newborn who requires 10 diaper change daily.
  • Delicate on the baby belly and naval.
  • It contains 144 nappies.
  • Has a wetness indicator tells you when baby needs changing.
  • Approved by the British skin foundation.


2.  Huggies Nappies Ultra Comfort Baby

Huggies nappies assist you in knowing when the baby needs nappy change with a wetness indicator.

Particularly, it is soft and comfortable and keeps baby skin clean, dry, and perfect as it absorbs all the liquid in seconds.

The special back pocket ensures there is no leakage and the baby is kept dry and protected.


  • Stretchy waistband keeps baby comfortable even when turning.
  • It has a wetness indicator.
  • The back pocket holds the diaper in place to avoid diaper blowouts.
  • Absorb liquid instantly keeping baby dry and protected.
  • Contain 168 nappies.
  • Good for baby using size 1 nappy (2-5kg).


3. Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Ultra Dry Nappies

Mama bear is safe for baby skin as it is made from FSC material free of fragrance and elemental chlorine. No more leaks with this nappy as the double elastic barrier makes it fit properly even when the baby is active.

Keeps baby for up to 12 hours dry, clean, and comfortable as air circulates freely in the nappy.

The smell of urine is a complete turnoff and mama bear nappies have taken this into consideration as it is designed for extra fast absorption keeping baby dry.

Lightweight and thin nappy gives maximum comfort for baby with a breathable outer layer that ensures baby skin is fresh, dry, and protected.


  • Ultra-dry nappies.
  • It contains 180 nappies.
  • Up to 12 hours of dryness overnight.
  • No leakages with double elastic barriers.
  • Fast absorption.
  • Size 4-Recommended for babies (8-14) kg.


Best Washable Diapers

4. LilBit Baby Diapers

When buying disposable diapers the cost might be overwhelming and LilBit washable diapers may come in handy.

Get these reusable, washable super-absorbent and comfortable cloth nappies/diapers that come in beautiful colours.

The diapers fit for baby from 8lb to 35lb as one size fits all– you can adjust the diaper to your desired size (S, M, or L) by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the nappy.

Your baby can sleep throughout the night as the diaper is waterproof and breathable has a comfortable elastic legging area to prevent leaking.


  • Washable, waterproof, and breathable.
  • Comfortable elastic legging area to prevent leaking.
  • It can be adjustable from small size to large size.
  • Keeps baby dry with strong absorbent material.
  • Long-lasting compared to disposable as they are reusable.


5. Littles & Bloomz

A perfect way to save money for other baby essentials by buying reusable diapers. Littles and bloomz nappies are a perfect solution for your baby bottom free from chemicals.

Changing them isn’t as tricky as you might think, especially because it is designed with a pocket opening for easy removal.

Bloomz hook loop closure nappy accommodates a baby from newborns to potty age 3 to 13 kg.

Additionally, the diaper has an adjustable elastic in the leg gussets to give baby an even more custom fit to prevent leakages


  • Less expensive than disposables, because you are not buying diapers all the time.
  • Can use littles cloth diapers for two to three years, it is long-lasting.
  • It can be used with an absorbent soaker pad on to a waterproof cover.
  • Adjustable nappy to suit all sizes (small, medium, large).


Best Eco-Friendly Diapers

6. Bambo Nature Diapers

With Bambo nature diapers we as parents are able to take care of our environment and still be involved in our newborn nappy issues to the benefit of all.

A high-performance diaper with no blowout will keep your baby messes from leaking and dirtify him.

Being an ecofriendly diaper Bambo nature is safe for the baby and the environment.

When the time for changing nears the diaper has a wetness indicator hence a baby remains dry and protected.


  • No chlorine, latex, lotion, or bleach keep baby bottom safe.
  • It comes in various sizes as baby continues to grow.
  • Safe for baby and environment too.
  • Wetness indicator informs you when the time for changing reaches.
  • Certified skin diaper with no harmful chemicals, fragrance, or allergens.


7. Mum & You Nappychat

Are you a parent committed to our green environment, then Mum and You nappy should be your pick. Not only is it made using 100% biodegradable wood pulp from sustainable forestry but also safe on the baby bottom.

An all-rounded diaper as it is hypo-allergic, dermatology tested keeps baby dry and is incredibly soft on the baby’s skin.

Guarantees 12 hours dryness, super-absorbent as the diaper locks moisture away from the baby skin.


  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Super-absorbent.
  • 12 hours of dryness for baby.
  • Hypo allergic and dermatology tested.
  • Soft on baby skin.
  • It comes in various sizes as the baby grows.


8. Muumi Baby Premium Eco Nappies

Muumi Baby Nappies are environmental-friendly and skin-friendly and are packed in biodegradable disposable bags.

They do not contain any allergenic agents such as latex, formaldehyde, or phthalates. Nor added any scents, lotions, or coloring safe for baby skin.

Ideal for babies with sensitive skin as the nappy is hypo-allergic. Muumi is soft, strong, and absorbent with good moisture-retaining ability.


  • Environmental friendly.
  • Good absorbent nappy keep baby dry.
  • It comes with disposable biodegradable bags for easy disposal.
  • Soft on baby skin.
  • No harmful chemicals, latex, lotions.


Best Saving Pack

9. Pampers Pure Protection 2-5kg

Protect your baby delicate skin with the cotton soft based drier and breathable diaper. Hypo allergic as it is designed to protect your baby delicate skin.

Moreover, it is highly absorbent made with premium cotton provides your baby 12-hour protection without leakages.

Make it easy for a parent to known when to change your baby diaper with its wetness indicator. Furthermore, pampers is a skin-loving baby diaper without compromise.


  • It has a wetness indicator.
  • 12 hours of protection and 100% dryness.
  • Made of materials of premium cotton and is highly absorbent.
  • It contains 102 nappies.
  • Free from harmful chemicals, perfume, chlorine bleaching safe on baby sensitive skin.
  • Hypo allergic and dermatology tested.


Best Nappies for 6-10 kg Babies

10.  Bamboo Baby Nappies

Bamboo baby nappies are soft, odorless, and breathable made of viscose fibers of bamboo. Your baby deserves the best and bamboo offer the best with an ecofriendly, soft and highly absorbent diaper to keep her dry for many hours.

Baby always safe and protected from any reactions as the nappy is free of chlorine, latex, PVC, lotions, alcohol, TBT, or Phthalates.

Bamboo provides disposable diapers without environmental costs.


  • Easy to put on and off
  • No harmful chemicals, latex, alcohol in the diaper.
  • Safe for baby as well as the environment.
  • Highly absorbent and soft keep baby dry for long.
  • Made with viscose fibers.

Final Thoughts

Both types of diapers are good for your baby. As a parent, you can try both to see which best suits your baby at different ages.

Even so, disposable diapers have often been found to contain chemicals including dioxins and sodium polyacrylate while cloth diapers help limit your child’s exposure to these chemicals.

Unquestionably, we want your baby to be safe, dry, and comfortable with either type and have selected the top picks in the market. As your baby grows to keep the pee and poo away from their sensitive bottom with a diaper as we await the transition to toilet training seats later on.

The diaper aisle in the stores is full of choices and the decision can be deeply personal for parents and caregivers. However, we have made it simpler for you by selecting the best brands that appeal to most consumers.

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