Tips For Easy Transition For You and Your Baby As You Go Back To Work After Maternity

Back To Work: Easy Transition After Maternity

Do not feel like you are a bad mother or father by delegating to a professional nanny or relative to take care of your baby when at work. We understand the months you have been together during your pregnancy and maternity /paternity months a strong bond has been created and it can take a toll on you and your baby if done in a rush.

Tips That Will Make It Easy For Your Baby As You Resume Work

  • Bottle feeding with formula.
  • Express milk for storage-(can be refrigerated).
  • Start leaving your baby for a few minutes to hours.
  • Get a professional nanny.
  • Webcam usage if need be.
  • Leave work early or get in late as agreed with your supervisor or office policy.
  • Call home to check on how the baby is doing.
  • Create quality time with the baby when not at work.
  • Available day care facilities in corporate organizations.

Need to Resume Work, Give  Your Baby Time To Grow

It does not mean there is less love when you go back to work but it need to be carefully though and just like anything else prepared for. You will no longer be breast feeding your baby as you were used too.

Long hours away in the office can lead to a surplus of milk flow in your breast. You might need to get equipment for expressing milk before you leave for work and at work too for milk storage like a breast pump and feeding bottles.

All this is for your baby, you wake up early to get that money for a better future for your children. Now you have someone tiny depending on you and you have to do your best to bring the dough home.

Why We Need Day Care Facilities In The Work Place

It has been several months off work and if allowed you would carry your baby along to the office to your boss surprise. With the many incidents with small children it might be hard to belief someone else will take care of your baby better, if not like you.

Some offices have come up with day care facilities where employees are allowed to carry their baby to the office and go nurse them during lunch break or tea break. Hoping to see more of such organizations as years go by. It will be a joy to many mothers and fathers who do not have a professional nanny to leave their baby with.

Get A Professional Nanny

Ensure if you settle for a professional nanny you have all the necessary documents, details and referrals and still do a face to face interview to assert if she is the best nanny for your baby. Sometimes we want to check on our babies every second and may be tempted to fix webcams to monitor their daily activities. Let’s just say a way to make sure your baby is near even when you are far at work.

Instal WebCam At Home And Monitor Your Baby Remotely

Technology has made things easy as you can monitor your baby’s occurrences through a smart phone or tablet by a touch of a button. Just ensure your webcam is connected to your phone through an app where you are provided with a password for your viewing at any time of day.

Take Regular Walks Without Baby 

When the baby is awake start taking walks, or go to the market for thirty minutes and as days go by increase to 1 hour and see how it goes. By now you will have introduced your baby to formulae through bottle feeding when you are away. Do not let your baby stay hungry as this is unhealthy and might lead to hysterical cry for hours on end before your return.

Introduce Baby To Formula

In the early months (3-6) months you baby could still be relying on breast milk that you express or formula if advised by your doctor. You want your baby well fed as you might not have introduced solid food yet.

Flexible Working Environment

Even when you resume work completely you can organize with your supervisor to allow you to rush home for lunch to check on the baby or work half day depending on your organization maternity policy. As much as your baby interest comes first also be considerate of your employer. You still received your salary while on maternity try to put your best foot forward and be productive to compensate when you can.

Final Boost

Children make us work harder and smarter to give them the best in life, they can act as a motivation sometimes. If your child/children are happy at home you are also more productive at work. You want to pay for those vacations, take them to nice places, shop for them and take them to the best schools and hence your hard work in the office. Shop for those official nursing clothes that are best for the office and convenient during feeding time for your baby.

When you get home from that hard day at work you see your baby’s smile and feel her touch and your heart melts away with happiness. Even when you had a tough day at the office her smile makes you forget the office dramas.


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