10 Best and Safe Sleeping Bags for Babies, Infants and Toddlers

I remember when I got my first baby back then, we didn’t have sleeping bags or sleeping sacks. It was a chilly month and for the first three months after bringing my baby home we had to stay in our room with a heater. As a first-time mother, sometimes I would overdress or cover her with a lot of shawls to keep her warm.

Subsequently, due to heat, she suffered heat rashes. Nonetheless with a lot of changes in the market now parents have the advantages of buying numerous baby essentials. Moreover, consider a baby sleeping bag necessary due to the numerous advantages explained in our previous article.

As we go through this parenting journey we want the best for our adorable babies. The sleeping bags mentioned below have been samples from numerous in the market and stand out due to comfort and safety for the baby.

Importantly, what we desire as parents and guardians is to ensure our little one gets a safe and peaceful night’s sleep. Obviously, when the baby is resting peacefully also the parents will be able to get a peaceful sleep.

Why Sleeping Bags Instead of Blankets?

  • The baby will not wriggle out of it or kick the covers, unlike the blankets.
  • Help baby transition from bassinet, a cot to bed comfortably.
  • It regulates temperature as the material can be suitable for winter or summer.
  • One can feed or change the baby while on the sleeping bag instead of disturbing him during a nap or feeding.
  • Can be carried comfortably during trips or outings and the baby is able to sleep in a familiar place.
  • It is cozy as the material is breathable and warm.

Here are the best baby sleeping bags are also known as sleeping sacks or grobags.

Best Sleeping Bags for Newborns

  1. Tommee Tippee The Original Grobag

Tommee grobag is perfect for transitioning baby from swaddles to baby sleep bags. Additionally, your baby is able to enjoy his sleep with this soft fabric as it helps mimic the closeness of the womb and suppresses the startle reflex which can wake babies up. A sleeping bag is a great place for a baby to have a safe and comfortable sleep.

Not only, does it caters to babies from 0-6 months, but also has different tog sizes (0.2-2.5 Tog) to choose from.

Keep baby warm with its cotton-rich fabric, which is also machine washable. With a zipper provided, one doesn’t need to disturb the baby while changing during sleep time.

Undoubtedly, it is also safety tested and approved by the international hip dysplasia institute as it doesn’t interfere with baby leg position.



2.      Bebamour Anti Kick Baby Sleeping Bag

This egg stylish-shaped twinkle sleeping sack is ideal for newborns or babies who love kicking bed covers while asleep. Clearly helps keep your baby warm and snuggled in as they sleep.

Best baby gift as it is suitable for babies between 0-18 Months. The outer shell is completely made of 100% cotton helps regulate the temperature at night and keep the baby warm.

It mimics a mother’s uterus and brings out the safety notion to the baby. Definitely, it is soft, skin-friendly, eco-friendly, and comfortable to baby creative a safe sleeping environment.

Easy to clean as it can be hand washed or machine washed but do not exceed 30 degrees.

Easy to carry along on a plan or for a trip as it is lightweight with a 2.5 tog rating.



3.      Baby Swaddle Wrap pack of 3

To start with, it comes as a pack of 3 beautiful unisex adjustable infant wrap with a mesh laundry bag.

Babies have a habit of startling while asleep. This baby swaddle wrap makes the baby feel like it is still in the womb and rest peacefully.

Obviously, makes it suitable for newborns from 0-3months as the baby doesn’t have room to slide in and choke.

Apart from this, babies have sensitive skin, and having a wrap that is 100% cotton is a plus.

Comfy, soft for the baby even during summer as it is breathable, lightweight at 1.0 Tog.



Best Sleeping Bag for 0-6 Months Babies

4.      Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girl’s 3-Pack

Sometimes the baby just needs a simple, sleeveless sleeping bag ideal for hot weather. Comes in a variety of lovely prints, it is soft and affordable.

Perfect gift for a baby girl with brilliant designs.

Has various sizes to suit your baby from 0-3moths and 6-9months. Easy to change the baby diapers as it has a zipper that can be opened from below.



Baby Sleeping bag 6-18 months

5.      Tommee Tippee Baby Sleeping Bag with Legs

The romper star suit is safety tested and approved. Also, it adheres to British and European Safety Standards making it safe for the baby.

Suitable for children who love playing, jumping, or walking as it designed with legs.  Despite of this one can choose to have feet or not in their baby sleeping bag.

The comfy foot covers which tuck feet in have grippy soles to keep your little one from slipping and sliding as they leap out of bed.

Depending on the weather and time of season parents have three tog ratings to choose from (0.2, 1.0, and 2.5).

All babies need comfortable night sleep and with Tommee sleeping bag, that dream can be realized. Unquestionably, it is made of super-soft cotton-rich, fluorescent-free fabric which is kind to baby skin as well as snuggly.



Baby Sleeping Bag 1-3 years

6.      Lictin Baby Sleeping Bag Baby

Babies grow so fast and despite this, we want to keep them warm even when they are 3 years.

Depending on the weather the sleeping sack can be transformed into a vest by removing the sleeves.

At age 3, this is where the baby is starting to practice walking. Hence, Lictin sleeping bag allows the baby to walk with its foot opening design.

Baby can pee comfortably when need be as it has two zippers at the bottom for quick opening.

Perfect for the baby with a height from 75 to 95 cm besides being warm and comfortable.



Baby Sleeping Bag 4-6 years

7.      Chilsuessy Baby Sleeping Bag

Awesome for baby-sensitive skin as it is made with 100% cotton and lined up also with 100% pure cotton.

Besides having a rating of 3.5 Tog, it is super warm suitable for winter, and room temperatures below 18 degrees.

Moreover, it is very soft, breathable, and fluorescent-free, better for babies, and is machine washable.

Sleeves can be removed, very convenient for babies when indoor temperatures can cause overheating.

If your baby suffers from allergies get the Chilsuessy sleeping bag. As the filling is made from quick-dry soft polyester, which helps to prevent allergies.

Just open the zipper below and you will able to do a nappy change with minimum disturbance to the baby.



Best Baby Sleeping Bag for Summer

8.      2 Pack Wearable Blanket

Summer Sleep Bag replaces loose blankets and creates a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

As well as eliminate the danger of loose blankets that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing leading to cot death.

Essential item for baby made of high quality 100% cotton, soft and lightweight with a tog of 0.5.

Has a safety tab that keeps the zipper away from the baby’s neck and chin and makes nappy change fast and easy.

Made with baby in mind as it has room for stretching and exercising at the bottom.

Perfect for spring and summer as it is lightweight, sleeveless, and breathable reducing the risk of overheating for the baby.



Baby Winter Sleeping Bag

9.      3.5 Tog Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag

This wildlife print zipper is nickel-free to prevent allergies for babies. Subsequently prevents scratching the baby’s chin with its button design and collar.

Easy for any parent or caregiver to put on and take off. Made of 100% high-quality Cotton keeps the baby warm during winter with its long-sleeved make.

Comes in various sizes for different baby age ranging from small, medium, large. For example, S-68 cm, suitable height 60-75 cm, suitable for baby 3-6 months; manufacturer size M-83 cm, suitable height 75-90 cm, suitable for baby 7-18 months, manufacturer size L-95 cm, suitable height 90 – 105 cm, suitable for baby 24-48 months.

Lastly, this is one of the warmly padded baby sleeping bags, comfortable and soft to wear even during winter.



Baby Waterproof Sleeping Bag for Joggers

10.  Fleece Waterproof Sleeping Bag

Can be described as having a luxurious look and still comfortable for a baby even when out on a stroll or jog with an adult.

Gives a baby warmth when wrapped in the velvet fleece fabric. In addition, the outer layer is made of linen making it waterproof and Breathable.

Easy to clean a sit can either be hand washed or machine washed. Although the washing temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.

The stroller wraps provide enough space for the baby to kick and stretch freely. Best for babies between 0-36months and can comfortably be used in a stroller.

Comfort and warmth come together with this sleeping bag.




We know how important safety is for any parent and has of course made it one of our top priorities when reviewing the above baby sleeping bags.

Alongside this, your chance of a good night’s sleep now rests on your little one is cozy, safe, and settled for as long as possible.

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