5 Mischievous Things Kids Do When You Take Your Tired Nap

Excuse me mum, while you were asleep I did some kids pranks to keep myself busy. Got tired of playing with my toys and decided to just be a baby.

Having a household of kids can come with some happy memories and some unspeakable acts that parents sometimes wonder how to reprimand.

Daily chores can be exhausting and sometime we find ourselves dozing off at some point after lunch or when totally exhausted. It called ‘time out’ if you prefer or siesta.

The few minutes you close your eyes thinking you will just hear all the things happening around you with your kids in the room, can end up being an hour plus sleep session.

Children tend to be creative to keep themselves busy, I guess they feel pity on us and tell themselves let me just play silent as mummy or daddy catches a leap of sleep.

Funny though the things they think are creative end up being mischievous and always are in the kitchen area, dining room, toilet, or the makeup wardrobe and sometimes even out in the garden.

Here is a glimpse of some mischievous children activities.

  1. Toilet bowl

Mummy while you were asleep I washed my toys in the toilet bowl. Am sure you are laughing your heart out wondering how I knew. I have small kids too. Yuck! To them the toilet water seemed clean. Here you wake up and first instinct is to take them to the bathroom for a thorough wash and disinfecting.

  1. House plants

Mummy while you were asleep I scooped chunks of soil from your house plants pot and littered it everywhere in the dinning floor to make you more tired. Whaaat! Calls for immediately general cleaning to sparkle the place up as they look at you with those sorry eyes.

  1. Make up kit adventure

Mummy while you were asleep I made myself pretty with your regular lipstick and applied daddy shaving cream to look like him while he shaves. Kids really? Turns up laughable as they look like a clown. I guess it is time for time out and early bath, anything for these wonderful “angels”.

  1. Kitchen garden

Mummy while you were asleep I pretended to be you, planted and harvested your kales and carrots as we always do together messing and dirtying my Sunday best with dirt. Back to the washing machine as keeping it in the laundry basket will stain the Sunday best wear.

  1. Cookie jar

Mummy while you were asleep I dipped my hand in our favourite cookie jar and scooped a handful of cookies making a mess on the kitchen floor and dining. First sale out as you come in is the small tiny pieces left around your children mouth and bits all over the floor as they start denying. Everyone loves sweet thing be it sugar, cookies, honey if it’s accessible it always tempt children, keep them in a tight jar. I mean tight jar.

All these activities call for reprimand and some form of punishment but all you can do is laugh about them, clean up the mess and warn them against it and get enough sleep at night.

Lesson learnt no sleeping during the day when they are awake. It can be a toll order sometimes but it is better than cleaning the house again if you dose off and they do that again. I bet you could go on as the list is endless and long and would love to share some of your experiences.

Share them down at the comment section with our readers.

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