How to Name your Baby Boy or Girl

I remember when I got my babies choosing a name was a big issue. Coming from an area where names are affected by factors like culture, the family tree continuity, weather, events, politics I had to consider carefully the names my children could be identified with.

Currently, with a lot of technology, some of these factors now do not play a big role if the immediate parents agree. Importantly, my first thought was I wanted names with good meaning that meant life. Wanting the best for my next generation influenced the names that I choose for my children to be identified with.

Apart from names, babies come with a lot of planning from their essentials, diapers, stroller, toys, formula, bottles, baby gates for them to be comfortable.

Let’s look at some of the factors that affect the naming of our children when born.

Tip of How to Choose a Baby Name

Have a List of Names to Choose From

Firstly, list out the baby names you are considering and narrow them down to the top ten that are suitable. If you want to be assisted you can seek your family and friends’ opinions.

Alternatively, brainstorm with your partner until you find a name that you agree on. If one partner is happy with a name and the other is not try to choose something different and see how it goes.

When choosing a middle name for your baby you can both agree to give a name, that carries the family name and differentiate your baby from her or his cousins. Ensure the three names sound well together even when mixed with a traditional name.

Do and Don’t in Baby Naming

Give your babies names they will grow to love, but if that is not so, have a middle name they can use as a fallback in case they do not like their first or last name.

A baby name can have a father’s name if mandatory in a State, if not you can have an option to give the names you prefer.

Spin Wheel is Good When Choosing a Unisex Name

Unquestionably, a name can boost your child’s self-confidence and esteem, hence give a name that your child will be proud of and identify with.

Write down your baby initials to ensure it does not sound rude if written as initials, such as Douglas Owen Gail (D.O.G) or Alfred Peter Eugene (A.P.E).

Additionally, give a name that is easy to pronounce and not so long, like Nicodemus. The child may be unable to pronounce or spell the name and opt for a shorter nickname to adopt, for example, Nick.

Apart from this, get a name that sounds well alongside the siblings’ names, eg Michael and Mary sound good together.

Avoid names that may have bad historical aspects and make your child a center of attention when called, for instance, Hitler.

Other parents may go for a name that has a spiritual meaning or a religious aspect to it, for instance, Aaron, which means exalted in Hebrew.


The gender of the child can determine the name given. Particularly, we have names that are categorized as male, others female, and some unisex.

Common female names, for instance, Hannah, Mary, Catherine, Emma, Sophia, Charlotte, and Isabela. In addition, we have male names, for example, Liam, Elijah, John, Benjamin, Ethan, Gerald.

Choosing a name is very important and one may opt to go with the modern names or stick to the traditional name that has been in the family for many generations.

Some parents may decide not to know the sex of the baby before birth and choose to wait to get a name after the baby is born.

Besides this, we have a variety of baby names online that one can get in seconds by browsing, so it is not hard to get a name at the last minute.


Families are known to give traditional names that have been used for several generations to their babies. Not only, will you find the same name in all their age mates in the extended family but also in the clan.

As a parent, you want a perfect name at the end of the name search. Despite this, honor your culture but also avoid names that are given due to passing trends. Once the trend disappears the name ceases to have any important meaning.

Cultures are different although one should choose the good in the culture and leave out the bad. Even with names, give names to your babies that do not have negative connotations or bad aspects of the culture.

Effects of Culture on Names

Clearly, names can carry a lot of messages even as the child grows older. Some names can be shameful and a parent may regret giving their child the name.

Notably, a parent may give their child a name due to a certain event and because it is official and captured in a child’s birth certificate it forever becomes a lasting mistake unless changed.

Most names that are termed traditional names in the families are an eyesore to generations. As much as one is forced to give their child the name it might be a name that you hate but want to appease the older family.

Also, both parents may not agree on the same name and one gives in even without liking the given name to avoid disputes. It is a sad affair but hopeful this article will shed some light on how to choose a great name for your baby in the future.

The family tree may also play a part in this area as the name may carry a lot of significance to all generations and maybe lovely to pronounce.

Meaning of Names

This has been made easy by technology. For me, google became my friends when I was searching for baby names with good meaning for my children. It has a lot of names to choose from even in different languages and religions.

How to Choose a Baby Boy or Girl Name

Looking up meaning is important as some names may sound funny or portray the baby in a bad light. For instance, a name meaning a drunkard given to a baby is less likely to bring a positive character in such a person as a grown-up. Call it superstition but most with such names turn out to be drunkards.

If you call your child “happy” it is easy to explain to people the meaning without surprising them.

Naming a baby may not be an easy task as everyone expects as this is what they will be known with all their lives.

Subsequently, family, friends, a spouse have their own opinion and preference of what the baby should be named. That said the parents should be the last decision-makers after considering all the opinions.


Getting a perfect name is an ultimate goal for parents although you might not be on the same page. Alongside this, it should be an enjoyable experience and not stressful.

Parents may have different categories and factors to consider when choosing a name.

Depending on whether they know the gender, one can have a list of boys’ and girls’ names. Moreover, have unisex names to choose from if not.

Finally, names can be determined by the family tree, religion, languages, celebrities or people you look up to, seasons, culture, etc. Remember to choose right, to choose well for your bundle of joy.

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