Breastfeeding Products: When Is The Right Time To Stop Breastfeeding?

When Is The Best Time To Stop Breastfeeding?

It is laughable, but some babies do not want to let go of the breast even when big and have started school. There are plenty of breastfeeding products, supplies, and accessories available to help make
breastfeeding easier and more comfortable for nursing mums. You can imagine your baby at preschool and still breastfeeding it is time for you to make that decision, if left to your baby he/she will continue until I don’t know when. Extended breastfeeding can be good but shouldn’t be encouraged.

I know a bond is created between the mother and the baby and sometimes you just want to feel them suckling when you are back home from work, it relaxes you. Especially the first few months when your breast hurt because of excess milk. This is all good as you are trying to stop your baby from breastfeeding and helping them get used to bottle feeding.

Solution For Painful Breasts Due to Excess Milk

Mums do not hurt yourselves, get a breast pump and store the milk in the fridge for your baby’s consumption. This will reduce the pain and the milk levels will start decreasing with time in your body. To keep the milk warm and right temperature for your baby, you will need a bottle warmer.

Benefits of Breast Feeding

The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous as it will be beneficial to your baby and you.

  • Creates a strong bond.
  • Helps your child grow strong and healthy.
  • Builds your child immunity to resist diseases.
  • No constipation compared to formula.
  • No allergies as breast milk is pure.

Steps On How to Stop Your Baby From Breastfeeding

There is no good or bad time to stop your baby from breastfeeding. Circumstances can lead to this; like going back to work or your baby is not getting satisfied with breast milk only and might require to start on solid food so as not to be hungry. Your doctor could recommend you stop if you are suffering from sore nipples/breasts (mastitis) or thrust or other diseases which could be unsafe to your baby.

If you are thinking of withdrawing breastfeeding for your baby do it gradually not at once to make it comfortable for him/her and also to make you both happy. Sometimes you might think creating some distance between you and your baby can work but are you ready for it. Are you and your baby psychologically prepared, if not don’t do it.  It has worked for some but it backfires for other mothers as once the baby is back she rushes back to the breast to feed.

Babies are very sensitive and hygiene should be adhered to when you move her to the bottle. When expressing ensure to get a breast pump that will reduce the chances of milk contamination from bacteria. We can recommend several brands in the market but my best pick is Spectra baby pump as it has a closed pumping system preventing bacteria and virus spread making it safe for both baby and mother.


If your baby has been visiting relatives without you this solution can work. The break can help as your child will get used to bottle feeding fast. It is still safe as it will be your breast milk, only in a bottle hence your baby will get the needed nutrients and calories alongside other feedings.

Our fore parents as understood used to put a little pepper on the nipples to discourage the baby from suckling but it was not long term as the baby would discover the trick and spit it out or suckle until the good milk comes out.

You can start preparing and buying formulae milk for your baby. This is the best time to allow your body to adjust as it will start producing less milk which might not be enough for your baby.

Baby products have been improved with time and friendly feeding bottles introduced in the market with a tip that is similar to a nipple, soft and tender, or if your baby is a bit older a cup with a closed top would do the trick. If your baby has teeth he can cut the bottle tip hence a cup will be ideal and long lasting. for easy transition stick to a bottle that mimics breastfeeding and had a tip that is soft as a nipple, your child might accept it easily.


Tips on Effective Bottle Feeding

Complete stopping can take a while as babies adjust differently. Some babies are fast to wean and some slow hence monitor your baby and go with her pace to keep her comfortable and gradually transition to few hours of breastfeeding until you get to bottle feeding.

Some babies are affected by different brands of milk formula hence buy in small quantities and test as you do not want your baby to start crying of stomachaches or constipation. Mix with enough water to make it as simple as your breast milk that your baby will love. Get a formula that taste and has nutrients similar to breast milk, organic can be the best for your small baby to start with.

Remember breast milk is usually warm and you want your baby to enjoy bottle milk. Ensure the temperature is just right and warm, you can test with your backhand or tongue. Mix a little at a time so that it does not remain after your baby is full. It is good to give a fresh feed every time your baby requires her/his milk for hygiene and safety precautions.

In the long run stopping breastfeeding at the right time will be the best of your many decisions for your baby. It shows your baby is growing and moving to another milestone of her life. Happy weaning mums.

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