Best PlayStation 4 games During COVID Homestay

COVID 19 has forced us to remain indoors for the better part of the year. Parents are now spending most of their time at home with their kids and working online. But the extended homestay can be boring, especially for families that rarely indulge in activities to keep them active. Nonetheless, this can be the perfect opportunity to purchase a PlayStation and enjoy breathtaking electronic entertainment, some up to 4 members.

With numerous PlayStations offering different games and features, choosing a quality PlayStation can be overwhelming. Here is a review of the most popular and best-selling PlayStations to give you a head start while shopping for a PlayStation to keep you and your family active during the COVID homestay.

  1. Playstation 4- Ghost of Tsushima

Released on 17th July 2020, the PlayStation 4-based game is perfectly designed to keep families active during the long homestay. Manufactured by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the PlayStation is a wonderful option for kids and adults alike. With it, you can enjoy a sensational gaming experience with your kids as you encounter amazing characters and explore ancient landmarks together.

It offers an open-world action-adventure that allows gamers to roam expansive terrain and vast countrysides. Themed on the adventurous story of the ghost of Tsushima, it allows players to challenge their opponents with Samurai combat tactics. Players also learn to master the art of eliminating distant threats and develop tactics to ambush and disorient their enemies. This is undoubtedly the game for this seemingly unending homestay. It is fun and without the usual boring narrative present in most video games. It boasts top-notch graphics and audio.  With the unrivaled electronic entertainment that this game offers, it is well worth the cost.


  • Offers an awesome open-world game
  • Unrivaled gameplay with topnotch gaming features
  • Fairly priced at a retail price of $60
  • Offers a manufacturer warranty


  • Game mechanics can be unresponsive without an uninterrupted internet connection
  • Combating experience can be sophisticated



  1. Grand Theft Auto

The game blends gameplay and storytelling in exciting ways. It boasts classic hallmarks of today’s modern gaming, including a world-class multiplayer and an array of auto gaming features. Manufactured by Rockstar Games, the game has revolutionized gaming since 2014.  This topnotch world game is a must-have during COVID 19 homestay. It is centered on the story of a bank robber, a trigger-happy guy, and an ambitious small-time hustler. The game has an engaging storyline that gamers find enticing from the start to its conclusion.


  • An amazing game from a renowned games manufacturer
  • Highly interactive
  • Easy for newbies and experienced gamers.
  • Comes with safe and convenient packaging



  1. Maneater Playstation 4

The single-player PS4 game is set on the dangerous waters of the mighty Gulf coast. Manufactured by Deep Silver, the exciting game take gamers in a thrilling fight that takes place in the vast open ocean. Players can either choose to play with characters such as jaws and wits. It is absolutely gorgeous and entertaining.


  • Great graphics and a versatile user interface
  • Affordably priced
  • Available for both offline and online gamers
  • Easy to integrate with multiple features to enhance the gaming experience



  1. Final Fantasy VII- Remake

The game is an excellent entertainment piece for it has redefined Playstation 4 gaming world. It boasts unforgettable characters, mind-blowing stories, technical combats, and epic battles, all suitable for fun gaming. You can choose your gaming style, thanks to features such as command-based combat, hybrid gameplay, and a customizable arsenal. With this game, you can explore an adventurous gaming world.


  • Offers mind-blowing gaming experience
  • Highly customizable game settings for multiple playing levels
  • Features an intricate narrative coupled with a topnotch cinematic quality
  • Newly redefined gaming features and intriguing characters



  1. Mortal KOMBAT 11

The game is an amazing treat for mortal KOMBAT enthusiasts. It offers single and multiple player options. It has few technical details making the PS4 game a suitable choice for kids and other beginner players. This innovative fighting game also boasts amazing audio and superb graphics and a wonderful storyline. The game is a worthy addition to any gamer’s collection, particularly if they are dedicated mortal KOMBAT fans.


  • Offers an interesting storyline
  • Comes with a full KOMBAT pack that includes playable characters, skin packs and exclusive skins
  • New and exciting characters compared to the previous Mortal KOMBAT versions
  • Includes a thrilling base game



  1. Last of Us

A spectacular entertainment tool from the world’s leading electronic entertainment leader, Sony Interactive Entertainment, this game has what it takes to keep your eyes glued to the screen for the entire homestay. This story-driven masterpiece perfectly integrates gameplay and an inspiring story making it quite thrilling. The game is themed on revenge and character development is superb. The different player levels offered by the game make it irresistible to players of all gaming experience.


  • Features meticulously detailed and realistic characters
  • Based on a beautiful and authentic theme
  • New and advanced gameplay systems
  • Superb audio and graphics
  • Extremely high production value with plenty of environmental detail



  1. Nioh 2

The PS4 game helps you master the stealth arts of Samurai combat. This exciting, action-based game is utter fun. You can unleash a plethora of deadly weapons to eliminate your enemies and possible threats. It utilizes a redesigned combat system coupled with paranormal powers. The action-inspired game offers multiple playing options including yokai hunter, rogue living, or mercenary.


  • Designed to help players have fun while sharpening their gaming skills
  • Offers the option of choosing the preferred combat method
  • Perfectly captures a blend of Japanese history and legends making it pure fun
  • Offers advanced and innovative improvements from the previous version



  1. Cyberpunk 2077

The open-world, an action-filled adventure game is themed on the story of a megalopolis driven by a quest for power, body modification, and glamour. Players can customize their characters, style of play, and skillset to explore a world where the choice they make define the world and characters around them. It offers tons of digital goodies including the game soundtrack, wallpapers for both mobile and desktop, and an art booklet offering numerous games.


  • A thrilling masterpiece of action-adventure game
  • Cybernetic enhancements for interactive and easy gaming
  • Unrivaled customization
  • Comes with crucial physical items including game discs, postcards and a booklet outlining the game’s settings



  1. EA Sports UFC

The mind-blowing game includes every UFC game that has been released since 2012 in a fun way. It has the latest improvements such as mini-games and interactive gaming interface to enhance gameplay. It is designed to help players experience combat sports in various environments. Players can seamlessly customize their characters and integrate them with elements of their choice.


  • Offers both offline and online playing modes
  • Multiple playing options
  • Amazing graphics and audio
  • Take combat to a whole new level



  1. Minecraft Starter Collection

The PS 4 game includes an awesome combination of gaming elements to help you explore the best of Minecraft.  It is about taking players on new adventures while honing their gaming skills. The game is more beautiful, better, and bigger than its predecessors’ thanks to constant updates. It boasts amazing player-made apps, fun mini-games, and online multiplayer options. It can be played on Windows 10, console, and phone.


  • Suitable for kids and novice players
  • Offers an uninterrupted gaming experience with beautifully integrated gaming mechanics
  • Player-friendly
  • Makes a great gaming tool for players with varied gaming experience



Other Top Rated PlayStations


The game has reengineered the world of weapon-based gaming. The intriguing game is centered on the story of the struggle of warriors while searching for legendary Soul SWORDS. Gamers can witness heroic fights as they transform into a mesmerizing fluid world. It is fun and loaded with exciting content.  The multiplayer game can be played both online and offline.  With a favorite cast of characters, players can’t get bored during this boring COVID homestay. The game redefines combat games by introducing multiple fighting styles. Players can select their ideal style from a group of warriors all of whom have deadly weapons and visual flair.


  • Boasts new battle mechanics making combat truly enjoyable
  • Beautifully engineered combat game
  • Jaw-dropping features including superb visual effects, 3D models and a combat engine
  • Offers topnotch gameplay



Street Fighter V Champion

Manufactured by Capcom and released on February 2020, the game has since then become a game-changer. The video is among the most acclaimed and robust street fighting games. Besides having tons of exciting characters, all the characters also have unique costumes and colors for easier identification. Offers an excellent option for players of various gaming levels. Most importantly, it has a sophisticated combat system that offers unrivaled gameplay.


  • Offers multiple-player modes
  • Offers over 40 characters, multiple gaming elements and a variety of costumes for each fighter
  • Awesomely redefined graphics and audios




Video gaming can potentially keep your family entertained during this long and boring homestay. While shopping for your PlayStation, pick something that suits your gaming experience and also something that can offer plenty of fun to your family during COVID homestay. Undoubtedly, PlayStation 4 (PS4) is an eight-generation home video game console embracing independent game development.

Lastly, as a family, if you want something different; engage the children in reading exciting storybooks or playing fun-filled interactive games.

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