Best Gifts for Girls

Girls love gifts. Gift a girl with an amazing gift today and she won’t forget you and the gift for the rest of her life. Unlike boys, girls are, however, quite choosy when it gets to gifts. Irrespective of their age, they don’t fall for any gift.

If you have contemplated gifting your daughter, niece, or granddaughter with a gift, think about the choice of gift you select for her.  Whereas there are countless girl gifts, landing the perfect gift has never been straight forward. One gift could be suitable for a girl but very odd to another girl, depending on their tastes and ages. Here are excellent gift options for girls to boost your chance of choosing just the perfect gift for the girl you already have in mind.

1. 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

These dolphin-inspired earrings are suitable for girls of all ages. Their great design works with all outfits and on all occasions. They make a favorite gift for trendy girls. The cute and pretty earrings are designed to match a variety of outfits. Any girl no matter their age will love to have these opal studs.

Made from white synthetic opal and sterling silver, the earrings aren’t coated with harmful metallic materials such as nickel, cadmium, and lead. Tested using the Swiss, these beautiful earrings aren’t harmful to any girl.  Whether you are gifting them to a toddler girl or a teenage girl, they make a perfect gift on their own.


  • Great value earrings- being of good size and boasting outstanding beauty, the earrings offer great value for your money
  • A lovely set of earrings
  • Not too bulky and thus girls can wear them throughout
  • Just the perfect size for any age


  • They seem too tiny for some girls although there are various sizes for various ages
  • Costly although a worthy gift to spend on.



2. Craftbox CB806

The craft kit is recommendable for 4 years old and above girls.  It allows toddlers and teenage girls to thread together sparkling beads and beautiful charms to create 10 attractive pieces of jewelry.

It introduces fun activities that are suitable for encouraging positive creativity from utilizing precious metals, beads, and enamel charms.  Girls are advised to follow the instruction guide to create necklaces they can take pride in wearing and sharing with their friends.


  • A nice and interesting kit that is truly worth every penny
  • Comes in an attractive package
  • Great gift for honing creativity among girls


  • Some people complain about the inferior quality of the beads used



3. Osmo-Genius Kit

The game learning kit makes a good gift for girls aged 5 to 12 years old.  The kit makes it fun for girls to learn using multiple toys as learning tools.  Moreover, this kit interacts seamlessly with iPad, tablets, and other devices, bring your girl’s gaming experience to life. Wi-Fi connection isn’t necessary for gaming.

The kit merges innovative and tactile exploration to actively engage toddler girls throughout the learning process. With this kit, girls can develop multiple skills depending on each game offered in the kit. These crucial skills that the kit helps to develop and nurture include problem-solving, creativity, and self-confidence. The games included in the package include both expert and beginner playing levels.  Overly, the kit is designed with learning and fun in mind.


  • It is highly educational and creative
  • Offers great fun and an awesome learning experience
  • Quick and easy to set up the kit and also play the multiple games it has in store for girls
  • Makes an ideal gift for various occasions such as Christmas and birthdays


  • A bit costly but a great toy for girls
  • Parents complain about how tiresome and time-consuming it can be to download every expansion pack separately



4. Secret Crush

Want to treat your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or any girl to the sweetest surprise ever? This gift of collectible dolls is the ultimate option for you. Every doll comes in a large, beautiful package that girls must crush to open the contents.

The gift has a candy-themed hammer that girls can use to crush the package to access the secrets hidden inside.  The hidden treasures in this gift include an adorable mini-doll, beads for customizing her hair, and strings beds to help her make her own jewelry.  Other secrets include ice cream-inspired doll and hair accessories.


  • The beautiful packaging is cute and girls find it sweet
  • Perfect girl gift for all occasions
  • The gift delivers a fantastic treat to girls
  • The gift is unique


  • Some girls find the doll inside the package quite awkward
  • Might not be a fun gift for a teenage girl, although it is great for toddlers and growing girls



5. Dress Up America

This adorable plush bag is suitable for 36 months to 9 years old girls.  It comes with accessories that are similar to those in your little girl’s mommy purse. The bag’s accessories playset includes a car remote, lipstick, toy cellphone, and credit cards.

The bag comes in a beautifully sealed poly bag. Its overall quality is nice, and the bag is comfortable to wear. The fake cellphone offers cute tones to entertain your little girl and give her the feeling of having a real cellphone. The credit card and lipstick give little girls the feeling of being adult women.


  • The bag is lovely and little girls love it almost instantly it is gifted to them
  • The accessories in the bag are of good quality
  • Helps introduce little girls to the life of adult women
  • It a superbly creative gift for little girls


  • The accessories might be excessive for little girls, though they will like every accessory once they realize its usefulness



6. Smoby Comfort Trike

Girls enjoy riding too and this innovative trike helps them ride the world around them comfortably and safely. Designed for 10 months to 5-year-old girls. Particularly, this creative riding equipment comes with a parent’s handle, which allows him/her to conveniently support their kids while riding on the trike.  The design is adaptable since it evolves as your girl grows.

Your little beautiful one will cherish every moment as they experience their first encounter on wheels.  Her safety is secured while riding on the trike since it is equipped with vital safety features.  Such features include a child’s steering locking system and front-wheel locking system. These features lower the possibility of your little daughter falling accidentally or hurting herself while riding.


  • A brilliantly engineered trike that is easy to assemble and adjust accordingly
  • Easily controllable since all its wheels offer a smooth ride and they are easy to control
  • It is a lovely trike for a nice, smooth, and comfortable ride
  • Gives your little daughter hours of fun as she develops confidence and acquires new motor and balancing skills


  • Can take too long for some parents to assemble the equipment. But assembling takes less time for parents who read through the instruction manual on assembling and adjusting the trike.
  • The front-wheel locks regularly making the trike to veer off towards the right. Nonetheless, this isn’t much of a downside since parents can assist their little daughters to keep the trike going straight



7. LEGO 17101 Toolbox Robotics Kit

The play toy is a potentially great gift for 7-12 years old daughters.  The creative toy comes with 5 multi-functional robots that are controlled remotely on the tablet. The interactive robot toy features an interactive motor, distance sensor, and color sensor.

The tablet app needed for controlling the 5 multifunctional robotics is free and easily downloadable.  The interactive robotic play top is the most ideal gift for tech-loving girls.  Little girls with a deep passion for building codes can learn tons of valuable engineering lessons such as software development and programming in their early childhood.


  • Brings a nice combination of fun and programming to both toddlers and teenage girls
  • Exposes girls to the tech world right from their early childhood years.
  • Offers a fun way of teaching kids more about programming and software development as they experience unending fun playing with their robots


  • Suitable only for tech-loving girls
  • Difficult to comprehend the assembling and programming processes involved with the robotic play toy



8. Unicorn Activity Book

The coloring book makes a suitable present for 4- 8 year old girls. Boasting gorgeous coloring, the book can be paired with crayons to keep younger girls busy indoors.  The coloring book has 25 activity pages and another 25 coloring pages.  It loaded with unicorns, rainbows and stars. Fun activities include word searches, spotting the differences, and mazes. Alongside this, the book can be used during interactive games at home.


  • Offer many coloring pages for girls to try as many coloring options as they please
  • Large and clear unicorn pictures to help young girls leverage their coloring skills
  • Tons of activities to keep girls busy throughout
  • The beautiful unicorns are designed to advance your daughter’s coloring skills step by step your little daughter to try coloring


  • Some girls find the unicorns in this book slightly complicated although, with time, they master every part of the coloring




With a plethora of gifts that are potentially suitable for girls of all ages, the secret is simple. Pick the gift that is most adorable for your daughter. Consider her age to see what can interest her and what she would find undesirable. With these best gifts for girls above, now you are equipped to start searching for a gift for the little girl you have in mind. Finally, you can also get a wonderful gift for your boy too, to crowns the holidays with memorable family moments.

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