Best Gifts for Boys

Are you wondering what is the best gifts for boys? Our bundles of joy when they arrive in this world we strive to give them the best. Particularly, we prepare by getting them baby items like diapers, strollers, formula, baby bottles, bassinet, carriers, and anything to make them grow healthy.

During the festive season or on a special occasion, we can gift our loved one a gift or even a vacation.  A gift is free and someone giving it doesn’t necessarily expect a present too in return.

What you gift your son will matters a lot to him, as it has to be the best gift.  Ideally, giving a gift will make him feel appreciated and loved. So finding what interests your son is vital when deciding the perfect gift for him.

Some gifts are suitable for boys of different ages. Others are perfect for boys with certain interests or needs. Parents searching for a nice gift for their little kings have a variety of choices, ranging from toys, bikes, games to books. Below are some of the best gifts for boys that are just awesome.

1. Logic Games for Clever Kids: 15 (Buster Brain Games)

This game is created by Gareth Moore the best author of children’s clever games. Additionally, it is a great gift for your gift as it is packed with logic puzzles that are guaranteed to put their brain busy.

Alongside this, it contains games from mind-boggling sudoku and stupefying simple-loop games to bridge-building challenges and cryptic conundrums.

Moreover, there are plenty of exciting puzzles to keep your brain busy. Importantly one can surprise their child with this gift during the festive season or on their birthday.


  • Children clever games.
  • Have a variety of games to keep your child’s brain busy.
  • Features Sudoku, loop games, and challenging activities.
  • A gift that can be treasured for ages to come.
  • Brain training games.



2. Top Race TR-P5

The gift makes a wonderful present for boys aged 3-9 years.  The remote and voice-controlled smart robot dog features 12 voice directives, a 7-function remote control, and imitates up to 10 animal forms.  The smart robot dog is a wonderful entertainment masterpiece for your son. The clever dog dances with music and produces fun sounds.  The cute and smart dog is easily programmable. Besides providing a variety of super fun modes, it can be trained with new commands such as push-ups and yoga.


  • A real masterpiece – it makes awesome moves and dances. It sounds are authentic
  • Fantastic- your son will have plenty of fun with this toy
  • Offers great fun since it is highly interactive
  • it does precisely what it promises on the package


  • The remote gets unresponsive with time so keep checking the battery
  • Programming needs some tech skills



3. Ultimate Coloring

If your 6-12-year-old son enjoys coloring, this coloring book is an awesome gift for him.  The creative and action-filled coloring book takes coloring to a new level. Boasting a unique blend of classic and modern coloring pictures, your little man will love it.  The coloring pictures are designed to give him plenty of coloring fun.

The wide array of beautiful coloring patterns will thrill and delight your boy. The patterns include superheroes, futuristic robots, cool cars, super sports, fantastic footballers, dragons, and dinosaurs among others. Created by award-winning coloring creator, Cool Coloring, the book makes a serious gift for boys with a palpable coloring passion.


  • Great value coloring book for boys
  • Overall good quality
  • Provide nice indoor fun for boys
  • Tons of coloring pictures to work


  • Some pictures require unique coloring skills although your son will color then superbly with time
  • It tears easily so it must be folded carefully after coloring



4. SilverLit 88039 Kombat Ballon Puncher

Get your son ready to battle with this creative gift. The balloon puncher is an awesome battling robot for boys aged 5 years and above. It is the perfect robot for equipping him with battling skills while keeping him entertained.

The battling robot features a banging twist. The battling provided by the balloon puncher is thrilling. It entails bursting the opponent’s balloons.  The robot offers multiple movements including combo punch. Packed with LED illuminated eyes and amazing punching sound effects, the robot offers countless hours of fun.


  • Great sounds effects that are quite entertaining for boys
  • A durable and sturdy battling robot that can give boys years of battling experience
  • A worthy addition to your Robo Kombat toys
  • Built with your son’s need for fun in mind. The balloons in the battling robot help add extra fun


  • The balloons can be difficult for your son to burst at first, though he will master the art of bursting them with time
  • Overly an expensive gift for boys though worth every penny considering the thrilling fun play it provides



5. Tony Hawk SS180 Complete Skateboard

If you have a 10-year-old plus son who enjoys skating, the skateboard is a worthy gift for him. The skateboard is perfectly engineered for younger skaters. With a relatively smaller deck, trucks and wheels, the skateboard is easy to ride on. Made from heavy-duty aluminum trucks, full 805 grip tape, and 100% 9 ply maple, the skateboard is a durable and safe skating piece for younger skaters.


  • Great skateboard for beginners
  • Great design for a fun skating experience
  • Provides a smooth ride
  • High-quality, sturdy, and easy to use
  • Nice skateboard for the price


  • Trucks aren’t of good quality although they can be replaced over time
  • The screws holding the trucks require tightening



6. Smart Ball SBCB1B

Is your son a football enthusiast? This soccer ball makes an awesome present for him. Suitable for 6-12-year-old boys, the smart ball is among the best innovations in football.  It has sounds and lights designed to enable your son to challenge himself and his buddies to see who has the most soccer tricks.

With the smart ball, he needs to utilize his knees, feet, shoulders, and chest to stop the ball from falling to the ground. The ball lights and counts each time it touches his body. As your son achieves key milestones, the ball will give him words of motivation to motivate him to continue with his game. He can also compete with his buddies to see who will make the most kicks.


  • A brilliant gift for soccer-loving boys
  • Creatively engineered to provide optimal fun
  • Great features like beautiful lights and amazing sounds
  • A nice soccer gear to develop and hone your son’s football skills


  • It gets faulty when it hits the grounds too often
  • Expensive though a solid gift choice for your soccer-loving son



 7. TOMY Tommies Hide & Squeak Eggs

The fun toy is a wonderful entertainment tool for boys from 6 months old to 3-year-old boys.  The educational toy has 6 different toys all with funny facial expressions that will amuse your little son.

He can crack them open and find chicks with six different colors. He will easily identify and match these colors. It encourages color recognition at an early age. This innovative sensory toy will hold his attention as each chick in the egg produces a funny sound.  It is an ideal gift for your little son and different occasions, whether for Christmas, Easter, or his first birthday.


  • It is an awesome addition to your son’s toys collection
  • Helps with kids’ learning and enhancing their attention
  • Quite colorful and engaging
  • Can help your son develop fine motor skills
  • A worthy investment for the price


  • Rapid and solid presses are needed for sounds to be produced. So younger boys keep seeking assistance from their parents while playing with it
  • Some parents complain the toy is expensive though a nice gift for their toddler sons



8. Chicco Red Bullet Bike

Give your son his first bike to equip him with vital biking skills with this balance bike. The bike is perfectly contoured to enable 2 to 5 years old sons to learn the art of bike balancing.  The bike will assist your son in his transition from balanced bikes to pedaled bikes. The ultra-light metal makes the bike easy to carry. The seat and the handlebars are adjustable to match your son’s growing height. It can accommodate boys with a maximum weight of 25 kg.


  • Make a wonderful first bike for your son
  • Great for building biking confidence
  • Brilliantly engineered for your son’s comfort and safety
  • Easily adjustable to suit boys of varying heights
  • Has a nice finish than most high-end balance bikes


  • It is extremely smooth and lightweight
  • Breaks can be faulty and require fastening frequently



9. Rechargeable 2 Way Walkie Talkie for Kids with 8 Channels

These walkie talkies are an ideal present for adventurous and fun-seeking boys between 3 to 12 years.  This set of fun toys has a built-in digital screen he can utilize for sending secure messages to his buddies. The walkie talkies are designed for secure long-distance communication.  They offer a digital connection of 3km range. For extra fun, they offer tons of voice effects and multiple games.


  • Attractive design and desirable sound quality
  • the perfect portable size for outdoor adventures
  • Great piece of entertainment for fun-loving boys
  • Designed with precision and fun play in mind
  • Comes in colorful varieties to choose from.
  • Battery saving function available, low battery alert.
  • Amazing quality as one can use it indoors and outdoor to a 3km range.


  • Limited to the 3km range.



10. Light Racer Kit

This an awesome gift for your active 8-year-old plus son. Your son will love making wireless bike lights for his ride. The kit is equipped with everything parents need for making amazing wireless bike lights for their little one. The kit is easy to build. Follow the instructions on the package’s instruction manual.

This brilliant, wireless tech will supercharge his ride with cool bike lights. The faster he rides, the faster these lights will flash. The kit comes with a wireless emitter to provide consistent wireless power. The two capacitors in this kit supply you with electrical charge throughout. The three LED lights are built for easy flashing as he rides.


  • Great gift for a techie loving son
  • Offers great and active fun for boys
  • Great educational present that familiarizes boys with circuits and electricity at an early age
  • Perfect for future engineers or boys who love putting things together


  • Only suitable for boys with a passion for riding
  • A bit overpriced




The bond between you and your son can be even stronger if you gift him with his perfect gift. With these gift suggestions here, picking an awesome gift for your little man is pretty easy. Also, think of other gifts that can impress him.

Obviously, you can also explore and make a homemade gift for your child, depending on their age.

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