Top 10 Best Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are essential for keeping a diaper area clean. In addition, these wipes also provide a convenient way of cleaning a baby when on the move.  Particularly, baby wipes are available in tons of styles and brands, as with other baby products. Even so, choosing the right baby wipes can at times be tasking and overwhelming.

Regardless, some wipes can have preservatives that cause serious infections such as contact dermatitis on the baby’s sensitive skin.  For first time mothers, choosing the most appropriately formulated baby wipes can be hard. Obviously, understanding the safest and best baby wipes for the newborn is vital.  Baby wipes can be useful before the baby starts using toilet seats. Below are the top 10 best baby wipes that are suitable for the baby.

1. Mama Bear Unscented 

To start with, mama bear baby wipes are specially crafted for the baby’s sensitive skin. These wipes are ideal for all occasions, particularly at nappy changes. Not only, are they formulated with a lotion containing gentle ingredients such as chamomile but also aloe vera. The baby wipes have been tested dermatologically, under pediatrician control. Besides that, it comes in a case carrying 18 packs, with every pack carrying  65 wipes.


  • Soft and gentle on the baby’s skin, eliminating the risk of the baby developing a baby rash.
  • Top-quality baby wipes
  • Comes in huge quantities to ensure the baby doesn’t go without wipes for several days
  • Easily to remove from the pack


  • The vast number of wipes in the packets can generate too much waste for the bin
  • Have a slippery texture



2. Huggies Baby Wipes

Indeed, the baby wipes are crafted by a reputable baby products manufacturing firm- Huggies. Importantly, they are hypoallergenic and clinically tested.  Huggies baby wipes are safe on newborns from day one. It should be noted, the fragrance-free baby wipes are safe for newborns since it doesn’t expose them to skin infections.  Nonetheless, these baby wipes come in resealable packs for maximum moisture retention.


  • Formulated with skin-loving natural ingredients to protect and gently clean the baby’s delicate skin
  • Certified by the British Skin Foundation
  • Cheaper compared to most high-end baby wipes
  • Safe for newborns’ sensitive skins
  • Topnotch quality thus worth value for money


  • Hard to remove from the packet
  • Thick though less absorbent



3. Mum & You Baby Wipes

Mum & You are plant-based and plastic-free baby wipes, made using biodegradable and sustainably sourced fibres. Unquestionable, by being 100% biodegradable, these wipes decompose easily, and hence they don’t generate too much waste for a household.  Moreover, they are gentle, mild, and hypoallergenic and suitable for babies with the most delicate and sensitive skin.


  • Suitable for kids right from birth
  • Designed for babies with highly sensitive skins
  • Unscented and fragrance-free
  • Top-quality wipes
  • High moisture retention capabilities


  • Not easy to remove these wipes out of their packets  without pulling out the whole bunch



4. Pura- Flushable Wipes

Pura flushable baby wipes are engineered to break down easily in your toilet without clogging it after flushing.  furthermore, just like the baby wipes are gentle on the planet, they are equally gentle on the little’s one bottom. Is the baby’s skin sensitive and prone to eczema? Despite this, Pura baby wipes are recommended for newborns and babies with sensitive skin. Additionally, the baby wipes are designed strictly from organic materials, including 100% organic aloe vera.


  • Highly biodegradable and flushable
  • Maintains good strength despite being flushable
  • Easy to pull out of the pack individually without the whole bunch coming out
  • Designed with newborn’s sensitive skin in mind


  • Not suitable for flushing in bulk
  • Can tear if pulled out of the pack in a hurry



5. Water Wipes 

This pure baby wipes are designed from 99.9 % pure water and organic fruit extract.  As well as that, the wipes are perfect for newborns and premature babies. Indeed, the ultra-mild and gentle wipes are suitable for cleaning the baby’s sensitive skin without affecting it. They aren’t packed with nappy rash-causing ingredients.  These baby wipes are among a handful of baby wipes that are accredited by the Allergy UK.  Subsequently, they are clinically sterile, making them completely pure and gentle.


  • Suitable for highly allergic babies
  • Clinically tested for safety
  • Highly absorbent thanks to the pure water used to make these baby wipes
  • Trusted and highly quality baby wipes


  • Has a thin layer



6. Baby Dove Wipes

Baby Dove wipes are designed to keep the baby’s skin smooth and clean. Whether it is for those everyday messes or nappy changes, these wipes will get the job perfectly done.  Also, the baby wipes come with moisture nappy cream to use after cleaning your little one. Especially, this cream protects the baby from possible skin irritation.  Highly recommended for newborns. On the other hand, the fragrance-free and hypoallergic wipes are great for sensitive baby skin. They are available in 12 packs, with every pack carrying 50 wipes.


  • Brilliantly made for sensitive skin
  • Offers smooth and clean wipes to gently soothe the baby’s skin to protect from allergy rashes
  • Good texture, neither too dry nor too wet
  • Chemical and smell free


  • Can at times be too rough and dry for newborns



 7. Jackson Reece Baby Wipes

Jackson baby wipes are a necessity for parents with babies who have eczema-prone and sensitive skin.  Safe as it lacks the ingredients that potentially aggravate and harm delicate baby skin. Undoubtedly, the baby wipes are especially awesome for newborns right from birth. Contains organic aloe vera infused with the wipes to help with soothing a baby’s skin.  Apart from this, the wipes are formulated with ingredients that are obtained from renewable plant extracts and vegetables. In particular, these wipes are unique as they are PH balanced. Best of all, they are dermatologically approved, unscented, and hypoallergic.  Jackson Reece Baby wipes don’t have nasty perfumes and chemicals, unlike most regular wipes.


  • Highly rated eco-friendly wipes
  • Recognized, having won numerous awards for their safety, including the Gold Mother Award
  • Affordable biodegradable baby wipes
  • Easy on babies’ skin
  • Versatile wipes for all parents


  • Baby wipes stick together occasionally
  • Poorly packaged and the packets aren’t easily sealable thus leaving the wipes vulnerable to dryness



8. The Cheeky Panda

Cheeky baby wipes are made from biodegradable bamboo. High-quality wipes, unlike mos,t which are overly crafted from ocean-polluting and non-biodegradable polyester. Whereas, the ultra-mild wipes are wonderful for all babies, including those with sensitive skins.  It contains 99% of purified water. In addition, the wipes water is infused with fruit extract and aloe vera for stronger skin soothing capabilities.  Clearly, the fragrance-free baby wipes are unscented and lack harmful artificial ingredients. Not only, can this cause a baby rash but also aggravate skin sensitivity in babies.


  • Tested dermatologically, safe for baby
  • Reduces skin irritations for they aren’t bleached with chemicals
  • Suitable for babies and moms who are allergic to perfumes
  • Baby wipes are vegan since they aren’t tested on animals
  • Offers an awesome eco-friendly option for cleaning babies
  • More than just baby cleaners for they can easily remove makeups
  • Offer a soft, gentle clean to sensitive babies


  • Difficult to remove from the packets
  • A bit thick and hence can feel uncomfortable for some babies



9. Bamboo Nature 

The biodegradable baby wipes are essential for the baby’s changing table. Bamboo nature makes handy baby products to include in the nappy bag for those long road trips, sleepovers, and picnics.  Every parent needs to carry these wipes everywhere they go with the little one. For instance, these moisturizing and skin-friendly baby wipes are crafted from sustainable viscose. Hence, apart from using it for cleaning the baby’s bottom, one can further use these wipes on the baby’s entire body. In contrast, they contain no chemicals or those annoying smells present in most regular baby wipes these days. on a whole, by being vegan, these wipes are without ingredients derived from animals. However, the wipes are strictly formulated with plant-derived and natural ingredients. They are certified by asthma allergy Nordic and the respected Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


  • Recommended for cleaning babies and cleaning up virtually anything, anywhere, and anytime.
  • Great quality baby wipes that offer genuine value for your money
  • Completely safe for all babies for they don’t contain plastic and other harmful elements
  • Skin-friendly and designed for multiple cleaning needs


  • Stick easily and can be difficult to remove a single wipe from the packets



10. Aqua Baby Wipes

These award-winning baby wipes are meticulously developed to give the baby maximum care. With this in mind, aqua wipes also take care of the environment. The NHS recommends pediatrician-tested baby wipes. Equally, they contain organic aloe vera, 99.6% purified water, and soft, biodegradable fabric.  Thus, they are gentle enough to be used on sensitive baby’s skin.  The wipes are available in three formulas, namely travel packs, value bags, and value cartons.  To sum up, they are paraben, perfume, and alcohol-free. Lastly, they are vegan certified by the Vegan Society.


  • Good quality wipes designed with babies and environmental care in mind
  • Gives an excellent and gentle clean to babies
  • Blend several organic ingredients for maximum baby care
  • Boast global accreditations from leaders such as the NHS


  • Wipes stick together
  • Can become extremely wet and cold for the baby due to the high amount of pure water




Baby wipes aren’t difficult to find among the numerous baby essentials. Getting the perfect baby wipes for a baby isn’t complicated. One needs to find out what are some perfect choices the market place has to offer today. With the above reviews of the best wipes for babies, one has a great starting point while shopping for quality wipes.

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