Best Top 10 Baby Play Mats Review

A play mat is an essential item for a baby. Importantly, it will be a good place to let the baby have alone time playing, kicking, and laying on her/his tummy.

Furthermore, the baby will engage in a lot of stretching which is great for muscle and bone development.

Babies sometimes suffer from colic as newborns and laying on their tummy can relieve the pain on a play mat. Along with this, sometimes we want to take the baby to the office or kitchen while cooking, and placing them in a playmat is the best option.

Clearly, one can do their house chores while monitoring the baby playing and enjoying there too.

We have different play mats with colourful patterns, some with music and toys to keep your baby busy and entertained.

After checking various playmats in the market we had a lot to choose from but have featured only ten that will best suit your baby’s needs and come with great reviews.

Play Mats for Babies 0-6months Upwards

1.    Large Activity Play Mat Suitable from Birth, 0 Month +

We at times want a simple and easy to use play mat. This one is large and doesn’t require any assembling, just place it on the floor and the baby is okay to start playing and relaxing.

Can fit in small spaces as well as large enough for your baby to play and bond as it measures 150 x 100 cm.

Nonetheless, it ensures endless fun for the baby with catchy features such as its’ engaging peek-a-boo game, a crinkly fox tail, and a stand-alone tummy time mirror.



2.    Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play, Mat & Activity Gym

Definitely, the baby will be spoilt for choice with this 5-in-1 play mat. In particular, it has 35 colorful balls included for put and takes and ball pit fun.

So many engaging playtime toys including bead chaser, plush musical toucan, baby-safe mirror, crinkle fabrics, and more for your baby.

Bright play mat has a storage bag that comes in handy when taking your baby along for a road trip or vacation.

The play gym can be used by a newborn to toddler, perfect gift for your baby to grow with, as it is suitable for babies’ age 0 months to 36 months.

It is machine washable and can be placed in the living room for the baby to enjoy some ball playing sessions. Also, it is adjustable and allows you to create walls during baby playtime.

Keeps the baby entertained with an electronic elephant that has colourful, flashy, and cheerful melodies for 20 minutes.



3.    LAMAZE Freddie the Firefly Baby Activity Play Mat

Looking for a simple, colourful, exciting play mat for your baby that offers 3 different positions to follow baby’s growth: lay and play tummy time and sit and play?

Lamaze Freddie baby mat comes with all that and gives your baby a lot of activities as they grow and develop.

Eye-catchy, fashionable and has a comfy curved cushion upholstered with Lamaze’s classic sensory patterns to keep your baby comfortable too.

This playmat provides the baby with three different dangling sensory toys to stimulate their senses and enhances growth development.

Not to mention, it comes with teethers that not only help babies with sore gums but also act as a support for their motor skills development.

It is easy to wash being machine washable and to assemble and disable. Suitable for babies from 0 months onwards.



Baby Playmat with Arch

4. Fisher-Price DFP08 Playmat

Among the top best in the market, we review the Fisher play mat. Not only, is it a great flashy mat to encourage your baby to play and kick but also includes more than 10 toys, activities.

Particularly comes with a removable toucan with colour-changing lights and up to 20 minutes of music in long-play mode.

No worries as your baby will be entertained as the playmat brings out the rainforest pattern to life with music, lights, and nature sound that respond to the baby’s movement.

Obviously, your baby will be encouraged to play, reach, and bat with the numerous hanging activity toys and motion-activated music.



5.    Ocean Lights Activity Gym & Play Mat

A feel of the oceanic touch on your baby play mat can be the way to go. More colourful and endowed with beautiful sea creatures to excite your baby.

Indeed, the ocean-themed melodies and magical light encourage your child to play along and stretch as he tried to reach on the dory and Nemo toys.

The play gym is a wonderful place to bond with your baby as he lays on his back enjoying the dory finger puppet.

In addition, it comes with a comfortable prop pillow that is well-cushioned to give your baby support as he/she enjoys laying down on it.



6.    Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini, Baby Play Mat

Tiny Love playmat is easy to fold and store away. Subsequently, the playmat has a good variety of interesting toys for a baby to grab and look at.

This is definitely an eye-catchy mat that your baby will love. Unquestionably, a lover for many parents as it is easy to assemble, to position the toys, and also comes with batteries for the hedgehog toy.

Impressed with the variety of toys the baby can engage with during playtimes along with stimulating their motor skills.



Baby Play Mat with Piano

7. Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

Every milestone our babies make is an achievement. Moreover, this 5-piece activity centre with music, lights, and sounds helps engage and strengthen your little one’s developing senses and skills.

Absolutely, a must-have for a newborn parent as it is a play gym that grows with your infant. Through the laying down, the kicking the baby is able to engage wholly with the various activities provided.

Apart from this, it improves the baby’s gross motor skills.  The baby reaches, bats, and grasps the movable overhead toys in the arch.

The arch is movable and easy to let down when the baby wants to sit and play with the piano and listening to the melodies.

Best gift for your newborn to entertain him/her while at home or on a trip as it can be carried along during family trips.



Foldable Baby Play Mats

8.    2 Sided Kids Crawling Educational Play Mat

The baby play mat is made of waterproof material, which makes cleaning quick and easy with just a damp cloth.

Also, it is made of high-density soft foam material. It is non-toxic, BPA-free, and no chemical smell, and also durable.

Comes as a double-sided cute and educative pattern for your child to learn and develop her vision and intellectual growth. Unquestionably it is a large mat for both you and your baby to bond with while playing games.

Your baby does not need to feel the hard or cold floor during playtime. Keep away from pets to prevent scratching and damaging it.



9.    Aquadoodle Super Rainbow Deluxe Large Water Doodle Mat

Aquadoodle Water doodle mat enhances your child’s grasping and motor skills. It is a mess-free drawing that keeps your baby busy drawing and colouring without the worry of dirtying himself.

Nevertheless, the drawings fade away when dry and the mat is as good as new for your baby to use all over again.

Besides that, it is suitable for toddlers and children from 18 months making it a perfect gift for your growing baby.

On the other hand, it is made to last due to the high-quality material used.

Let your baby have fun while developing her/his sensory senses. It should be noted, it comes with a special paintbrush that allows the baby to make broader strokes, as well as 2 stampers for added mess-free fun.



Baby Play Nest

10. Galt Play nest

Sometimes we do not want our babies to feel the hard floor while playing and what better way than a play nest that is well-cushioned.

Galt Play nest is a fabric-covered inflatable that supports the baby during rest and play. Following that, it has a soft velour resting area and fabric which provide additional sideways support when sitting.

Even so, Galt play nest help inspire exploration and encourage early childhood development in areas such as communication, motor skills, and problem-solving.

From birth and as the baby grows older the play mat encourages independent thinking. It has 8 multi-sensory features to stimulate touch, vision, and hearing essential for your baby’s play and physical development.




We prepare for babies as early as possible when we conceive. A lot of baby checklists are made and essential items planned for, from strollers, diaper bags, pampers, bed, toilet training seats, transitioning from newborn to toddlers, etc.

The list is long and as parents, we cross check as they grow. Games are very helpful in their growth and development. Importantly, they enhance their sensory skills, communication skills, motor skills, and languages. Tummy time for your baby allows the back, arms, and neck muscles to develop and strengthen.

From newborns, we have a variety of playmats to make this possible and as they grow we can incorporate interactive games too.

Explore the different baby games online, video games, or manually.

Now your little one can build anything they imagine when they use the blocks and special shapes to create tall towers, crazy castles, funny animals, or whatever else they dream up.

Lastly, just like the playmats, these big blocks fit together and come apart easily, helping your child to develop fine motor skills and creativity over hours of open-ended play.

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