10 Best Baby Carriers 2020 Review

Importance of a Baby Carrier

best baby outdoor carrier
Baby Carrier Enables Easy Hiking For Parent

You might be asking yourself why you need a baby carrier while you have a stroller already. Both are important but with a Baby Carrier, you are able to be more flexible to do other chores as your hands are free. Here are some of the main benefits of a Baby Carrier.

  • Allows you to do your other chores, hands-free, as your little one is close by relaxing against you.
  • An alternative to a stroller, as you can easily navigate crowded spaces like airport or market with your baby.
  • Great for outdoor activities like hiking as you are able to bring your baby along.
  • Allows your baby to develop their spine, motor skills, and muscles development.
  • You are assured of your baby safety as you are able to keep them close by and restrict roaming around.

After trying several carriers with my babies during our outdoor activities, family barbeque, hiking, maneuvering through crowded streets and airport, I selected the best among the many. One thing I was keen on was how comfortable my babies were despite being weighty.

Best Baby Carriers


  1. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

Regardless of your child age or weight the wrap snug perfectly well in place as it’s sized to fit the parent carrying the child to secure hold. Can be adjusted to make it comfy to carry your baby from birth to toddler age 35lb with 5 different wearing positions.

Easy to put on and off with the double-loop design and no fussing with rings makes it quick to wear and easy to distribute baby’s weight.

Comfy and soft 100% all-natural cotton fabric keeps baby warm. Unique one-way stretch delivers a secure and snug fit and you are also able to breastfeed on the go.

It is machine washable and dryer safe with its lightweight soft cotton fabric.



  1. LILLEbaby SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier 

Six positions one carrier how great is that. You can use it from birth from your newborn who is 7 pounds till 45 pounds, no need for multiple carriers in different ages. Great for any season, comfortable for the carrying parent as you have a temperature poach you can zip when it’s cold and unzip when it’s warm to reveal a breathable soft wearing mesh. Foetus, Infant, Toddler, Face outward, Hip, Backward positions.

Easy to set up with either the wide or narrow setting. Easy to clean as its machine washable hence incase the baby dirtifies it, you can through it in the dishwasher.

The lumbar support helps you release stress from your back and shoulders and help you maintain posture.

You can also choose to cross the straps at the back for easy carrying and it also comes with a removable hood to shield baby from the sun.



  1. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original 

Best for baby early months as it’s simple and can accommodate well a newborn baby with its small and easy design.

Carry on front, facing in or facing out keeping your baby close to your body warmth and physical closeness.

Babybjorn original carrier has your baby safety in mind as it features sturdy, adjustable support for your baby’s head and neck. Additional it’s good for outdoor and indoor use.

Let your child enjoy the beautiful scenery when he gets to 5 months as you can carry him using the outward-facing position.

This baby carrier allows your baby’s legs and arms free movement helping in her motor skill, muscles development, and coordination.



Newborn to Toddlers

  1. Ergobaby Carrier

Ergobaby carrier is an all-in-one, lightweight, breathable all mesh carrier. Furthermore, it has all the carry positions plus ultimate ventilation to keep you both cool during warm temperature.

It can be used from birth when the baby is 7lbs to 45lbs as you are able to adjust it from newborn to toddler as the baby develops.

Subsequently, it is easy to put on without assistance; has a pouch for your essentials (purse, mobile phone, keys, toys); the mesh is perfect for hot, humid, summer weather.

Great for walks, shopping, family outings, comfy for you and baby as it has been acknowledged as a “hip-healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.



  1. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

A unique infancy carrier to see your baby through to toddler years. Moreover, adjustable with 4 carrying positions with a convertible seat making it the ideal carrier for your baby and you too.

To comfortably hold your small infant use the narrow seat position and padded head support until her neck muscles are strong.

Ideal for children from 8lbs to 32 lbs. and as your child grows to use wide ergonomic position to keep your baby weight evenly distributed.

Lastly, you can always be clean even on the go as it comes with a wonderful cover bib for your baby spit keeping you clean and fresh.



  1. Boba 4G Carrier

If you are looking for a simple and safe place to carry your baby the Boba 4g carrier should be your pick. Great carrier for your baby from infancy to toddlers as it has a weight capacity of 7lbs-45lbs. Easy to breastfeed the baby with its unique buckle and waist belt adjustment: 25″- 58″ to keep baby weight distributed evenly.

Additionally, it Includes Infant insert and sleeping hood to keep baby comfortable as head support and shade during sunny weather.

Must pick for parents who love simplicity also comes with multiple pockets for storage of baby toys, your purse, and cellphone on the go.



  1. Bebamour Baby Carrier 2 in 1

According to your baby’s growth, Bebamour has 6 ways to carry the baby for you choose for a baby whose capacity between 0-14.9KG (0 to 33 lb.).

Nonetheless, it has an adjustable shoulder strap and waist strap.  All using broad and wide cotton padding (waist-belt adjusts 65-118CM / 25-46.5″) to suit your baby weight.

With a head hood, your baby head and neck are well covered. This is well taken off as bebamour carrier comes with 1 head hood and 2 baby bib which are removable.

For your essentials, there is a zipper pocket on the belt, a good place to store your keys and cellphone.

The hip seat is an attractive feature as your baby is able to be in a sitting position as you carry her.



  1. Mother Nest Baby Carrier

Affordable, 3 in 1 stylish baby carrier with incredibly easy to put the baby in through the top with everything clipped and ready. Made of high-quality durable, non-toxic materials that maximize the use of the carrier for years on that is BPA free.

Comfortable to carry the baby with its wide shoulder straps which help distribute weight evenly and relieve shoulder pressure for parents comfortability.

Not only are you able to keep your baby close but also cool in all types of weather with its soft and breathable mesh material.



Twins Baby Carrier

  1. Twingo Baby Carrier

This is a lifesaver for parents with a toddler and infant at the same time or twins that need to be carried. It is lightweight with 6 configurations and extra pockets which come in handy for storage.

This sturdy carrier will ease any burden on the parent carrying the two babies from 7 pounds without feeling overloaded and without back pain.

Can be used when out shopping, going to the doctor or just out in the park as you can balance your babies well without straining and provide lumbar support to parent.

Design with everyone in mind with its adjustable measure of parents between 4’11 to 6’5. Get this and enjoy the joy of babywearing with an extra set of the strap.

Finally, TwinGo allows you to snuggle your babes while still having hands free to juggle your daily responsibilities.



Best Baby Wrap

  1. Baby Wrap Carrier

Sometimes a change is good as a rest and with a baby wrap which is soft, easy-to-use, breathable and versatile will take your babywearing to a whole new level of experience.

Most flexible as you are able to see more of your baby as she learns, furthermore the skin to skin contact releases love hormones. Which helps to boost your breastmilk production, and nurse undercover in public with your baby tucked in the snugly and breathable wrap.

Suited for use from newborn all the way to 35lbs, moreover, the baby wrap carrier helps you to calm and soothe baby easily by being held close to you.

You can breastfeed with ease and convenience and you do not need to worry anymore of tired arms and shoulders.

This baby wrap is designed using stretchy yet sturdy fabric keeping your baby weight distributed well, no back pains and still can fit any size of different mums out there.



Final Thoughts

If you are hiking, traveling, running errands or just want to keep your child closely, not only is a baby carrier more practical but also convenient than a stroller. This is a baby product that will be a lifesaver.

Subsequently, a baby carrier allows your baby to develop their spine, motor skills, and muscles development.

Especially in crowded places like the airport and stadium, shopping, doing daily chores hands-on and moreover will make your life easier as a parent.

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