Best Baby Bottles

If you need to leave your baby and someone else is taking care of them, most new parents will have to search for a baby bottle. As I was growing up I saw newborn babies who transitioned to toddlers group use the sipping cup instead of a baby bottle.

With changes in technology and modernity, most mothers started preferring baby bottle when expressing milk or feeding their babies on formula milk when the breast milk was little.

There are many baby bottle brands in the markets that claim to be best for babies but as a parent, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions to get the best before that purchase.

Do and Donts of a Baby bottle that you should adhere to


  • Buy the best baby bottle

First, you want a bottle that your baby will accept. The best baby bottle will be the one that has a nipple that resembles the mother nipple for an easy grasp as your baby suckles. Get a baby bottle that has a wide base for ease of cleaning and has anti-colic features. Change the tip if it discolours. For effective bottle feeding for a newborn, you need a good bottle that will serve your baby for years to come.

  • Train your baby on bottle feeding

Buy a few brands and practice with your baby before settling on one feeding bottle brand. First-time mothers it might be hard to shop as you have no other baby experience to compare with when using the bottle. Check the milk flow to ensure the tip hole is not too small or too big in the baby bottle. You do not want to choke your baby or underfeed him/her.

  • Proper Hygiene

Babies are very sensitive and ensure the bottles are cleaned thoroughly and sterilized to avoid sickness. Prepare a feed to be used immediately, it should not remain and be fed to the baby again after many hours it can be contaminated. Some bottles can be dish washed and it is better than handwashing them. Check on that when buying as it saves you time.


  • Avoid substandard feeding bottles

Do not get a bottle with a big nipple tip that makes your baby get a lot of air when bottle feeding as this will cause colic, gas, and stomach ache when she is bloated. If your child cries when feeding looks at the tip and ensure it is not inverting inwards and making her suckle air instead of milk.

  • Don’t mix baby feeding bottles with other family utensils

Clean them separately and sterilize before you use to avoid passing germs to the baby feeding items. The baby is still very small and care needs to be exercised. If you are budget conscious you can use hot water to warm the milk and not buy a bottle warmer.

Baby Bottles for Newborns

After several types of research, we came up with the best baby bottles in the market from glass, plastic and even disposable. Other items a mother should consider is a sterilizer and a bottle warmer it will make your baby feeding experience an easy task as you transition to the bottle.

  1. Avent Feeding Baby Bottles

My first set of baby bottles was Avent. As a first time mother, it was easy for me and comfortable to use. These Anti-colic bottles can be a great help to any mother who is breastfeeding and want to express or want to introduce baby to bottle feeding. A lot of work has been done clinically to ensure the bottles are safe for your little one and help to reduce discomfort and colic in your baby. If your newborn is having trouble with gas, and guzzling at her bottle, try Avent Anti-colic bottle. It has a lot of benefits from:

Benefits of Using Avent Baby Bottle

  • East to use.
  • Has an Anti-colic function.
  • The wide design makes it easy for you to clean and assemble.
  • Air free vent which makes it easy for newborns to drink milk with less air getting in their tummy.
  • The Avent baby bottle has a nipple that resembles the natural mothers’ breast making it easy to move your baby from breast to bottle when need be.
  • The wide base keeps it stable on a counter and prevents spillage.
  • Has fewer parts to assemble saving you ample time when preparing a feed for your baby.
  • Preferred by many mums.



  1. Comotomo Egg Dome Bottle For Newborn

A bottle that will make it easy for any mother to feed her baby enough milk for one feed. Assist the mother to not overfeed or underfeed baby as you prepare enough milk for that bottle size. The bottle is designed with an egg shape to confuse the baby to think it is a breast and prevent rejection. No worries of colic as it has an anti-colic vent to prevent air from getting in as your baby sucks. Made with 100 safe hygiene silicone okay for baby. This baby bottle is a sure win for mother who alternates express milk a lot and breastfeeding too.


  • Slow flow as the nipple is designed for newborns up to 3 months and prevents choking while drinking.
  • Safe material used for babies as it is free from chemicals.
  • Has dual anti-colic vents.
  • Wide opening makes it easy to clean.
  • Egg design makes it easy to grasp for the baby.



  1. Best Bottle For Breastfed Baby

As the baby grows the milk intake increases for maximum satisfaction. No mother likes a hysterical cry from an unsatisfied baby. You have to monitor your baby’s intake as they grow so as not to underfeed her. With Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles you kill two birds with one stone. This is a bottle that will serve your baby as she grows and still with it anti-colic features ensure no gas or colic gets to your baby’s stomach as she suckles her bottle. With a flexible silicone nipple, it encourages baby tongue movement and avoids nipple confusion.


  • Anti-Colic feature.
  • Reduce nipple confusion.
  • Best for breastfed babies.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Bottles are BPA and BPS free.
  • Easy to clean with 3 piece system.



  1. Animal Print Full Set Bottles and Pacifier

These Mam Anti-colic bottles are easy to sterilizer either in hot water or dishwater.  it has a multipurpose cap which is leak-proof and can also act as a measuring cup when mixing formulae. The latch is easy for baby to grasp as it looks like a nipple. This bottle nipple has traction marks encourages the baby to suckle more as they confuse it with a nipple. The good thing they are easy to clean as the base is removable.


  • Base ventilation system to cut down on bubbles and gives a smooth flow.
  • Ideal for newborns.
  • Ensures relaxed drinking with its flat nipple tip and smooth silicone material.
  • Comes with a pacifier also.
  • Easy to clean with a wide opening and the base comes off.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Anti-colic bottles.
  • Innovative self-sterilizing function.



  1. Protective Silicone Glass Baby Bottle

If you are tired of plastic bottles you might prefer a glass bottle for a change in the house. Glass bottles are long-lasting as they are now less prone to breaking with shockproof designs and silicone sleeves for additional protection. Deciding on whether to buy glass baby bottles can be a hard decision to make for many mums but they come with a lot of benefits from maintaining taste and hygiene. Glass bottles are easily cleaned by running them in soapy water or in the dishwasher without leaving the smell of milk clinging into the lining of the bottle ensuring that only freshly cleaned bottles are being used by your baby.


  • Safe for baby as it is BPA free.
  • Durable with the protective silicone cover.
  • Warm milk quickly in hot water.
  • Easy to grip.
  • Glass infant bottles are proven to be more effective in preventing milk from oxidation.



  1. Airfree Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottle

You do not want the air bubbles while your baby drinks her milk causing her to have gas and colic and crying uncontrollably. A baby that is not keen on using the bottle can use this as it looks more like a cup confusing your baby to acceptance. It is a bottle for breastfed babies. The inner silicone part of the bottle deflates as baby drinks so no air gets in.  The nipple is round and gives your baby an easier time latching on to it. Easy to Clean up is a breeze too.


  • Easy to latch encourages tongue movement.
  • Easy to grip for baby.
  • Free from BPA and PVC making it safe for baby.
  • A great deal and budget friendly.



7. Brown Baby Bottle

My first baby was a daytime sleeper and woke up at night. I had bought two bottle brands when I got my first baby. After several months of not sleeping at night, I became tired and my husband had to feed her while I slept.

She rejected the first bottle we tried but with Dr. Brown, it was a win as she had serious colic and gas conditions. The internal vent system reduced her colic and she started sleeping peacefully even at night. My baby feeding habits improved and I felt like a new mum who could enjoy her sleep as the baby slept too. Dr. Brown’s slow-flow rate is ideal for switching between breast and bottle. This is a brand I have relied on my other baby also as it was good for my baby health and improved my functionality as a mum. Dr. Brown bottle has won many awards for many years as it is a preferred brand for most mothers. This is our first pick as it gave our baby a positive effect on the colic issue, unlike other bottles we tried.


  • Provides vacuum free feeding allowing free flow of milk to the baby smoothly similar to the mothers’ breast.
  • The unique design helps to reduce colic, gas enabling the baby to have a comfortable feeding experience.
  • No oxidation of nutrients due to air.
  • Has an internal vent system.
  • Bottle helps preserve nutrients such as vitamin C, E and A good for the baby.
  • Wide neck bottle avoids nipple confusion for the baby as it feeds.
  • A bottle also ideal for a baby born with a cleft lip or premature baby.
  • Easy to clean with a dishwasher and can be sterilized.


8. Munchkin Latching Bottle

You want your baby to have plenty of sleep after feeding well. The munchkin latching bottle establishes easy and correct latching as the nipple moves like the breast. The latch bottle mimics breastfeeding and gives the baby enough milk stimulated by the pressure the baby inserts to the nipple. The Anti-colic valve prevents air bubbles from getting into the milk and causing gas to the baby. While feeding, the uniquely designed nipple flexes as baby’s head moves to allow proper latching.


  • BPA Free.
  • Eases the transition from breast to bottle and back.
  • Flow for every stage – 3 different nipple options.
  • Has anti-colic valve restrict air from flowing through the milk/formula.
  • Easy to clean.



9. Joovy Baby Bottle

Joovy Bottle is made of premium standards with the best functionality. Best bottle for mothers who cannot breastfeed due to various reason and want to express milk for the baby. No colic as the vent ring ensures no air passes into the bottle as the baby suckles. No leaks as it is easy to assemble and close tightly if the ring fits correctly. Comes in an ergonomic design as the PPSU Boob and easy to hold while feeding the baby. Comes also in three attractive colours for your pick. No more stomach pain as it has Clean Flow Vent that prevents nipple collapse, negative pressure, and colic symptoms enabling your baby to get her peaceful uninterrupted sleep after feeding.


  • Easy to clean and assemble.
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold.
  • High-quality durable plastic used which is cost effective.
  • Clean flow vent reduces air from getting into the milk.
  • Design for easy transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding and vice versa.
  • Amazing bottle as it can fit in a cup holder during your walks with your baby in the stroller.



10. Tommee Baby Bottle

You want a stress free experience for your baby while transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding then Tommee baby bottle should be your preference. It has an easy latch nipple that mimics mother breast reflex and makes the transition natural for the baby. The nipple shaped like a breast keeps the baby expectant during feeding time.


  • Offers the latest Anti-colic technology.
  • No spillage with the pump and go system as baby feeds.
  • Provides an awesome feeding experience for your baby.
  • Ideal for a newborn with a slow flow to avoid choking.
  • Safe for baby and environment-friendly as it is not made with any chemicals.


Final Thoughts

Air and vacuum can cause a negative effect on your baby health as it can accelerate Colic, and gas making the baby uncomfortable while feeding and sleeping. Most traditional bottles are not Anti-colic.

We have highlighted the best baby bottles with Anti-colic function and ideal for newborn or young babies.

Research shows that reducing gas, colic, and reflux leads to less discomfort and peaceful sleep for babies. Helping babies sleep soundly is something that every parent would love as it gives you peace of mind too.

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