10 Best Baby Safety Stair Gates

Get the Best Baby Gate and Avoid Home Accidents From Burns, Falls, and Cuts

Is Your Home Safe For Your Baby? A Baby gate can save your baby from home accidents.  You can put a baby gate in areas you do not want your baby to access from hallways, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms.

The staircase is one of the most common places in the house where falls occur.  You can baby proof your staircase with a baby gate as it is simple and quick to fix when your baby starts to climb things like furniture, stairs, toys. As from 12 months, your baby will start climbing and discovering areas in the home, as a result, she might fall or stumble over things.

Ensure to assist her before she/he can get her balance which might take time.

When Do Babies Start Climbing the Stairs?

Babies are active and hence need to learn how to go up and down stairs, you should not allow her to play on them alone. Offer assistance and be close by to supervise. Do not attempt to carry any other load up the stairs when helping your baby up to the stairs.

Make sure your handrails are installed at the right height and are tight for your child safety and comfort. It would be safe if you would have gates on the top and bottom of the stairs to avoid accidents. If your stairs are carpeted it will be safe when your baby stumbles when practicing than the normal stairs.

Common Causes of Home Accidents For Babies 

Home accidents have become so common and the list is long from:

  • Burns.
  • Falling from the balcony.
  • Falling from the stairs.
  • Falling into the pool and drowning.
  • Pricked by sharp objects(knives, Scissors, Nail cutter, Needle, Pins, Nails).

Factors to Consider When buying a Baby Gate:

1. It should be Sturdy

You cannot be able to supervise your baby all the time when doing other house chores. A sturdy baby gate will come in handy when the baby tries to push, pull, lean, and sometimes climb on it. Be at ease as all baby gates listed below are sturdy.

2. Child Proof Lock Mechanism

When you have a baby your first priority is a safe home, as you want the home to be childproof. Some baby gates have a lock mechanism that can be open quickly, it can be challenging to know which one is better. When shopping buy a baby gate that is reliable, easy for you to use, and difficult for your baby to figure out. We have reviewed the best baby gates in this article with a childproof lock mechanism.

3. Easy to Operate

When buying a baby gate get one that is easy to open with one hand even when you are carrying laundry or groceries with the other hand. the baby gates listed below are easy for an adult to operate and still difficult for a baby to open due to its lock and swing mechanism.

4. Location

When placing a baby gate in your home it is crucial to get the right type of baby gate for each location. Usually, hardware mounted baby gates can be used at the top of stairs, indoors or outside. You can use pressure-mounted gates at the bottom of stairs and between rooms.

Importance Of A Baby Gate

  • Safety

Children and babies fall to their death or have become disabled/injured at home because of accidents, which could have been prevented with a baby gate, and spare the parents sleepless nights.

  • Restrict movement 

Many times we think we can monitor a child especially when they start crawling or moving with house items.

You turn to pick something and you find the baby gone, either the baby is busying drinking the water in the toilet or is in the kitchen rampaging through the dustbin. The baby gate will restrict movement to areas you do not want the child to access.

You are heading to the laundry room or stairs and your kid is in quick pursuit behind you. You now know you need a gate, the problem is you do not know which one to go for. Here is where we help you out.

Having researched a lot, looking at the advantages of different baby gates for indoor and outdoor use among the many in the market we were able to pick the best as outlined below. First, you might need to consider where you want to place it, the location will determine the kind of gate to get.

Kinds of Baby Gates

We have Different Kind of Baby Gates to choose from:

  1. Pressure mount gates-used in opening spaces, hallways, the bottom of stairs.
  2. Hardware mount gates-Ideal for the top of stairs.
  3. Custom size gates– for large spaces, secluded place.
  4. Permanent and temporary gates.

Installing safety guards and gates is essential to remember your baby’s back is very fragile and it can lead to paralysis if they fall badly or even death.

Children suffer most stair injuries from fractures, sprain, bumps and some of the preventive measures advocated for are home friendly stair designs and baby gates.

Children as they grow they come up with tricks of moving up and down the steps as shown below, but before that, safety is a priority when they are tiny and are learning to crawl.


Best Baby Gates for Stairs

  1. Regalo Extra Tall Baby Gate

Fantastic purchase for a very reasonable price! Delivery is ultra-quick when ordered and is easy to put together, just squeeze the buttons and pull back to open the gate. Ideal to contain toddlers or small-medium pets in a safe area. Stop your little climber from getting to places that are not safe.


  • Pressure mounted design with easy setup and no tool required
  • Walk through door with safety locking feature
  • Perfect for stairs, hallways and open spaces
  • Great for use with children (6-36months) and pets.
  • Blends well with home décor.
  • Easy to store-folds easily.
  • Best in the market for numerous features of safety and standards.
  • Measures 38”tall and from 29-44”wide.


Best Baby Gate For Hallways

  1. Multidirectional Swing Gate

Child gate swings open both ways for added convenience and offer a triple locking system for peace of mind. To keep the safety gate open for multiple passes through, simply use the hold-open feature to prevent the gate from closing.

To ensure that your little one will remain safe and sound at all times. With its squeeze and pullback handle and walk through design, this gate is a convenient and practical choice! As it mounts easily by using tension knobs to secure the gate in place.

This safety gate is made of steel construction for durability and strength, providing the security you can rely on for those moments when you can’t be within arm’s reach of your child.


  • Two way open and stay door.
  • One hand open with safety locking feature.
  • Great for children and pets.
  • White in colour blend well with home décor.
  • Ideal for room opening or bottom of stairs.
  • Measures 28’’ to 38.5” wide and 29”high keeping your child safe and secure.



  1. Window Guard Gate

Unconsciously your baby can climb near a window and try peeping outside, or the window latch may be loose causing a fall but this would never happen if you have a window guard. A window guard is a shield that deters your child from getting close to a window of falling from it. In this case, once bolted to the side of the windows it will prevent risk for accidental falls for you baby and toddler also prevent your dog from running into the window.


  • Powder coated steel, lightweight but robust security grilles.
  • Easy to install with pressure mounting, internal window use.
  • Easy to remove by an adult in case of fire.
  • Prevent child falls from high floor, avoid pets slip out the window, against theft burglar bars.
  • Measures 75cm high and from 85cm” wide.
  • Comes in 5 sizes to choose from.



  1. Multiuse Sturdy Tall Gate

Carry your baby around the house can strain your back having the multiuse tall gate ensure you can open comfortable without bending. Safe with a removable stopper preventing opening towards the staircase at top of stairs. Doubles up as hardware or pressure mounted depending on your preference.

With your child tiny hand, you do not need to worry of her being able to open as the gate has several childproof mechanisms, from the door latch to the sizable spring force in order to close the door behind you.

I would certainly recommend it for its sturdy construction and the way it blends into the home décor compared to others in the market.


  • Measures 36”tall and 28.5” to 45”wide
  • Removable door stopper.
  • Doubles up as a hardware or pressure mount gate.
  • Sturdy as it is made of metal.
  • Ideal for most door openings and stairs.
  • Can accommodate babies from 6months to 2 years.
  • Can be used for toddlers and small pets.



5. Evenflo Wide Gate

A sturdy gate that can withstand your baby strong grip of push. Easy to clean as the mesh is removable. Good for travel as it is portable and easy to store if not needed. Easy to fix as the rubber end bumpers allow you to use it at an angle from one door molding to another.


  • Comes completely assembled.
  • Mesh removable making it easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Measures 26” tall and from 38” to 60” wide.
  • Pressure mounted gate and custom fit.


Best Baby Gate For Outdoor Use

6. Perma Child Safety Gate

When your baby starts moving around, she can crawl to the garden outside but with Perma gate, you can avoid this. If you live in busy traffic area caution should be taken as a crawling baby need security not only from the kitchen, bathroom, washroom, and balcony but outside. Beautiful scenery and the fresh air can motivate them to go outside.


  • Ideal for outdoor.
  • Can withstand outdoor conditions and pet claws.
  • Can be used to safeguard children and pets.
  • High standard gate with extra retractable function.
  • Easy to use in high traffic areas.
  • Measures 33” tall and 71”wide.



Final Thoughts

Do not wait for any accidents to occur at home, act now and get a baby gate. Baby Proof your house using approved, secure baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs and keeping them closed.

To prevent your baby from gaining access to restricted areas or getting hurt, most parents install baby gates at various places around the house to seal off like hallways, the kitchen, bathroom, bottom and top of stairs, fireplace or to hold back a jealous pet from the baby.

Baby gates

Learning from painful experience is no desire for any parent and hence I researched items that would prevent accidents in homes and safeguard our children. If you have pets like cats which tend to mark their territory you can use LAMBERT KAY Boundary Dog and Cat Repellent Granules, 28-Ounce (1 lb 12 oz) cat spray to avoid them spraying their wee on the baby gates.

Better safe than sorry avoid a never-ending agony and keep your home safe for your little ones.



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