13 Essential Items in a Baby’s Bag That You Cannot Miss to Pack.

When your baby is accompanying you somewhere a bag pack or a flexible bag will come in handy to keep your baby items at arm’s length. Most parents have preferences for the essential items that the baby might need.

Essentially there is a lot of preparation that needs to be put in place from shopping to packing baby items. After much research and experience as a young parent with my children, the most important baby items include:

  • Diapers and wipes.
  • Change of clothing.Diaper baby bag essentials
  • Feeding bottles and cup.
  • Ointments.
  • Rash Cream.
  • Changing Pad and Mother nursing pad.
  • A Baby wrap and shawl.
  • Medicine Kit.
  • Emergency Contacts.
  • Food and Formulae.
  • Toys.
  • Purse.
  • Disposable bags.

I see mothers/parents carry a small bag with their child when out shopping, going to the hospital or just for a breath of fresh air at the park.

You can also use a stroller or carrier as they grow to avoid getting tired when carrying them alongside the bag.

Depending on the baby’s age the things keep changing in the bag. I have listed the most common items when they are newborns to toddler age.

  1. Diapers and Wipes

Carry enough baby diapers for several changes depending on how long you will be away from home, enough for your baby regular change.

If you will be gone for an hour you can carry 5-10 diapers to start with, the goodness of diapers is that they do not occupy a lot of space.

This can be when visiting the hospital, a friend, for a trip with the baby or just to a friend’s house. Carry wipes as you might not be able to wash your hands. Wipes are good for wiping your hands after a baby diaper change or when your hands or baby’s hands are dirty and sticky.

  1. Change of ClothesEssential baby hat for diaper bag

A change of clothes is essential as your child might dirtify herself/himself when belching or suckling, or when eating.

Also if it is sunny babies sweat a lot and a change of clothes will keep her dry when outdoor.

Include a hat in case it is sunny and warm clothes in case it is cold.

Pack while considering weather changes.

  1. Bottle or Sipping Cup

Depending on your child’s age you can choose to carry a baby bottle or cup. A newborn will be comfortable with a bottle when feeding her/him with formulae. You can carry several bottles; one for milk, another for water, and an extra one in case you need to feed her again.

A cup will be okay for a toddler in case she/he requires water, milk or juice when outdoor. Ensure the bottles are sensitized to kill germs.

You can also carry a bottle warmer to warm your baby’s milk and water.

  1. Ointments

A baby’s skin is very sensitive, and a mild sunscreen cream for babies can be applied to protect from sunrays when outdoor, also ensure you put a hat on your baby.

Carry baby’s oil in case you need to bath her, apply when her skin dries up, or when changing her diapers.

Baby powder can be recommended by your pediatrician to keep her dry and can be applied to her body folds to avoid burning by heat or getting rashes due to sweating.

  1. Rash Cream 

Rashes are painful to babies, diapers can cause rashes if your baby has an allergic reaction to them. You need to know the best diapers for your baby’s skin to avoid such issues.

Rash cream will dry up the rashes and stop your baby from feeling pain. Apply every time you do a diaper change for them to clear off fast.

  1. Changing pad and Mothers’ Nursing pad

When in a public place and you need to change your baby diaper, a changing pad will come in handy. We have several that you can comfortably place on the floor/ground at the park, or changing room and change your baby comfortably.

When breastfeeding your baby the milk might be a lot and you might need a nursing pad for your breast to avoid milk leaking onto your clothes. Carry several in your baby’s bag and keep yourself clean and fresh for your baby next feeding.

  1. A baby wrap and shawl

This baby bag is a walking home for mothers, ha-ha when the baby is feeding you have everything ready when your baby wants to sleep you have a baby wrap and shawl to keep her warm as she relaxes.

The baby wrap and shawl are light enough, just roll them into the baby bag when you are on the move.

  1. Medicine kit

Not every kit can fit in your baby bag, but ensure to carry your baby’s medicine in case she/he is on medication.

If your baby has breathing problems remember to carry an inhaler if recommended by your pediatrician for ease of breathing when the airways are blocked.

  1. Vaccination booklet with emergency information

Be prepared for any emergency, save doctors number on your phone and also write on your baby vaccination booklet when traveling with her.

In case of an occurrence or accident and your baby needs medical attention it will be easy to attend to her fast when the necessary information is available fast before reaching the hospital.

This is just a precaution it doesn’t mean something bad will happen. It’s good to be ready, every second count and may save your baby’s life.

  1. Food and Formulae

If your baby is past the breastfeeding stage and is a toddler, you might need to carry snacks, packed food or bites and milk or water to keep her/him well feed.

Formulae you can prepare when your baby requires, hence carry enough before you get back home. When preparing milk make enough for your baby to drink and finish to avoid leftover as it might not be fresh after some time.

Carry a bowl for eating, a spoon, and a cup.

  1. Toys

Toys are your child’s familiar items in the house.  Keep her entertained even outside the house, carry her favourite toy to keep her busy.

Supervise him/her as he/she plays to avoid swallowing or choking. Do not buy very small toys for your baby that they can easily put in the mouth causing an accident.

  1. Purse

A purse with parent’s essentials documents and cash or bank cards should be among the first items in the bag. The health insurance cards should also be in the wallet or purse and at arm’s length if needed.

If you forget your purse/wallet accessing anything might be hard as all services need to be paid for cutting your outdoor activities short.

  1. Disposable Diaper bags.

Have a bag that has different pockets. You can choose one side of your baby’s bag to put the used diapers or dirty clothes. Keep them in a disposable bag to avoid soiling the clean things in the bag. These disposable bags can cause suffocation hence keep them far from your child.

After every diaper change clean your hands with wipes or hand sanitizer if you have one, as you might not find water to clean your hands when outdoor.

Final Tipmemorable outdoor experiences

The items are many but I just selected a few that couldn’t miss in my baby bag when we are out and about with my baby.

The outdoor experience makes babies see the world in their own eyes, as they love the beautiful scenery and fresh air, make it a daily thing as your child develops.

Capture these memorable moments with your camera.

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