5 Tips To Becoming A Better Parent: Is there An Ideal Way Of Parenting?

You might be asking yourself this question, is there an ideal way to better parenting? Remember Parenting has no formula, you learn as you go and all your children are different.

Comparing them can be the worst as you will find one who is quiet and likes her space while the other can be inquisitive and like to ask questions for anything they encounter. Parenting can be hard and it is not taught in class.

You cannot say you will reinvent the wheel, but you can get tips from your parents. You could have learned a few things by observing your parents as you were growing up. Others were good but some experiences were bad, you can make them better for your children.

I have outlined some tips that can make it easy for any parent. Parenting is a learning experience you cannot practice and implement, you learn on the job.

Tips For Better Parenting

1. Study Your Child and Do Not Compare

Do not go crazy, remember children have a different personality and the noisy one might not be the one to watch. Study your child to know her strong points, every child is unique and different

Study your children and be keen on the quiet one, something might be brewing inside.

Children have different development time, one can be fast in growing and adapting fast to life stages another can be slow.

Learn to go with their pace do not be fast to correct and compare the different children.

Every child has different unique needs and you need to gauge your children differently to learn their likes, uniqueness and mold them considering these differences.

2. Be a Good Role Model

You are your child first contact person from birth. That first bond is created from their first breastfeeding session. Remember they learn from observing you and emulate you.

Children are very curious and learn from their parents. You are their role model and they look up to you for answers.

You can attest to this if you have children who are in their pre-teens or joining school. With time they learn to do things for themselves.

This is what will make them successful people when they become independent hence as the parent you play a very big role. Learn to give your children ample time to gain their trust and be their confidant.

3. Create Time For Your Child/Children, Be There For Them

Create Time For Your ChildrenRemember all the answers from you are correct and you will quench their curiosity. Most of the times when we get our firstborn babies we look up to our parents or aunties for guidance.

That night when the baby cannot stop crying and you have done everything a call to your parents for advice in the dead of the night is all you need.

They pick the phone very fast as if they were expecting it. They will always have a remedy for everything from stomach ache to burns, irritation the list is endless.

Your child knows they have a shoulder to cry on, as you are there in their good and challenging time when she/he is sick. Working parents’, sometimes time is crucial, even if you are around for ten minutes just make the most out of it, be there to help with their homework, play and bond more.

During your leave days stay close, take them to the park to play or do activities together. It can be cooking or washing your car, just create that bond and closeness when you can.

For parents working away from home, technology has helped a lot as you can skype or video call your children and spouse to know how things are at home.

Remotely you can create that bond by constant communicating when you can. It says a lot to your child, she/he will know you care and long to be around but due to work, you cannot.

4. Time to Grow and Learn

When you hear your baby’s first cry you welcome them to this world with open arms. You need to always love them, care for them and affirm positive words into their lives. Give them time to grow show them positivity in what you are doing they are learning from you.

Your baby can see how you celebrate good work and how a situation can stress you and how you handle it. Bring out the best in her/him by being the best with your actions/behaviour despite a situation being negative or positive.

Being there to see your child pass through the milestones from mumbling mum/dad to making their first steps is a big positive move and kudos to all active parents. Before you know your child is in school, they are teenagers and are dating.

5. Correct Wrong Behaviour

Reprimanding Wrong Behaviour By Denying PrivilagesA reprimand cannot be the right way to go when you see some bad behavior being exhibited by your child. You can have a dialogue and explain why you are withdrawing some privileges when she/he misbehaves. Avoid caning it will not work for long term correction.

Dialogue is the way to go and withdrawing privileges that your child loves for some time is the best way to correct bad behaviour. Once behaviour change for the better give back the privileges.

Keeping quiet will create a mountain out of an ant hill, as a parent it is your duty to lead your child in the correct way. Your child will learn to respect your rules and avoid breaking the laid out rules.

Have a good relationship with your child so that she/he can come to you if something is bothering her or need to dialogue on some of the house rules they feel are restricting them.

Final Thoughts

  • The pain of childbearing is no more, long hours in labour is a thing of the past as the joy of your baby surpasses all that. It is your duty now to bring them up into the best person they can become.
  • Love your parenting role and be the best in it, make the child smile as you bring out the best in her/him. Parenting is a gift, enjoy it, celebrating it and embrace it.
  • Just be a sensible and smart parent to bring the best in your child as in all these stages(baby, adulthood, teenage, dating) they are learning different things and it is you as the parent to show them the best way to grow. Do not leave that to the internet or their peers because he/she might learn the wrong things.
  • There is no school that will train you on how to be a parent, you learn as you go. You make mistakes and learn from them. No one should tell you the right way or wrong way as they learned while at it.
  • As a stay at home mum or dad or working parent sometimes you have the privilege to shape your child from the word go and grow with them. Especially during adulthood when they are experiencing changes. Check out our link on how to tackle these changes in the best way at home in our next article How to get rid of Acne Fast.

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