3 Powerful Polite Words That Can Instill Hope Or Destroy Your Child

Importance of Speaking Positive Words To Bringing Out The Greatness Within Your Child

Words are very powerful furthermore, it doesn’t cost you anything to use polite words. Once they leave your mouth you can never take them back. Children learn fast and once they start speaking they emulate you a lot. Don’t be quick to bash your child and speaking negative words in their lives.

Your child is growing mentally, emotionally and physically do not ruin their mentality by speaking negative words from your mouth. They might not be able to talk or to express themselves but the words will forever be in their heart.

Categories of Words

  • Words that can Build-positive words, can be a blessing to your baby.
  • Words that can Destroy-negative words, can be curses to your baby.

Even when the baby is in the stomach you can touch your stomach and talk to your baby. Tell her you love her, she will be great, can’t wait to hold her and care for her.

Speak what you want for your baby, your words have power and as you speak positively towards her you build her. If you speak negatively you destroy your child.words are powerful use polite word towards your children

Choose your words as they create lasting memories or destroy.  “Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” -Pearl Strachan Hurd

Words are vessels of power you need to instill hope to your child by speaking positive words towards them.

What Your Words Can Do To Your Baby

Your words can change the course of your baby’s life for the better or for the worst.

The tongue is a small part of the body which can do a lot of good or destruction. Can be used to uplift and create trust and confidence and can also cause destructions if used badly.

Keep negative opinions to yourself. Do not be quick to talk, think first and talk to yourself before talking to someone else to compose yourself.

The mouth speaks what the heart stores in. As a parent ensure you speak words that uplift your child and not tear them down.

Sometimes your child can do acts that annoy you but do not be quick to curse as once that word is out of your mouth it can never be taken back.

Where Do Children Learn From?

Children learn from their parents before they enroll in school. They can learn good manners, etiquette and polite words at home. Doesn’t need any training for parents to teach this.

Your child can be rude, speaking with food while eating, picking their nose, interrupting grownups as they speak (unless it’s an emergency), throwing tantrums as you shops, and the list is long we cannot exhaust them.

The important thing is how to handle your child positively and training them to respect your rules.

words are powerfulPersonally, I talk to my children, my main goal is to ensure even when correcting them am awakening the greatness within them making them feel they are great and important.


When you notice your correction is going overboard, take a breather, retreat and come back when you cool down.

It doesn’t hurt, anger can translate to negative energy which you do not want to expose your children too. Do not be that parent that your child fears instead of loving due to your harsh words.


3 Strong Simple Powerful Words That A Child Should Learn

  1. Please

Teach your child to say please when they are asking for something. Let them know it is good manners not to take something without asking for permission and do the same as they are learning from you.

Cultivate that culture in them and they will stick by it as they grow. They should learn that taking something without permission can land them in trouble later.

  1. Thank you

We are given presents during parties, holidays, in an event or even at home, a simple thank you to the giver goes a long way.

Your child should learn to say thank you it’s a simple word but carries a lot of weight.

  1. Sorry

We can be wronged sometimes or wrong someone, saying sorry is the right thing to do. Children should be told if they wrong someone they should say sorry.

This can include calling people names, using impolite words, entering a room without knocking, talking about another person behind their back etc.

Final Thoughts

Words have power hence be careful with them as a parent or guardian. They can instill change or destroy someone in second hence do not be quick to speak.silence is better than saying something you cannot take back

You want to make an impact speaking positive words towards your child, it’s your choice.

You reap what you sow, your positive words will pay off in your child’s future.

Before you speak ensure the words are helpful and necessary for your child.

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