Review of 10 Best Baby Monitors in 2020

Baby monitor sometimes called a baby alarm. It is a life-saver device that makes it possible for parents to have a peaceful night sleep. In addition, it allows parents to hear and also see what’s going on in the baby’s room at night.

With a baby monitor, you can keep tabs on your baby, check on her sleeping. Moreover monitor as they play in another room, and have peace of mind no matter where you are.

Importance of a Baby Monitor

Indeed, you want to protect your baby at any cost, and baby monitors help you to keep track of your baby’s activities even from another room anytime.

Depending on the frequency clearly, you can check on your baby when asleep in her/his bed in a different room.

In addition to this, there are some features to consider before buying a baby monitor to ensure it caters for all your baby needs.

Features to Consider When Buying a Baby Monitor

Nevertheless choosing the proper baby monitor that fits perfectly to your needs might not be an easy task.

When it comes to baby monitors, features to consider should include flexibility of the receiver, batteries, and frequency.

  • Receiver

With the help of the best long-range baby monitor, you can easily stay connected with your child throughout the day. Unlike other baby monitors, you can keep tabs on your baby while busy doing house chores, in the kitchen or laundry room.

  • Frequency

The baby monitor transmits by radio waves to a receiver unit through a speaker. Apart from this, it’s received by the nearest person who is caring for the baby.

Radio waves make it possible for parents to stay connected with their children even from the farthest place of the house.

Different frequency ranges can be used depending on the type of technology you are using. These frequencies range from within 49.3MHZ to 49.8MHZ to 2.4GHz.

  • Batteries

Sometimes you might need to change your baby monitor from place to place when catering for her needs.

Walls can act as a constraint in other areas or rooms even so with a battery-operated baby monitor, it will be easy for you to move it.

Using a battery-operated machine gives you total freedom and flexibility to control your baby monitor.

Types of Baby Monitors

  • Wireless Baby monitor.
  • Traditional Baby monitor.
  • Wi-Fi Baby Monitor.
  • Long-Range Baby Monitor.
  • Motion Monitor.
  • Baby Sound Monitor.
  • Baby video monitor.

After several tests and research, we came up with the top best baby monitors.

Check out different monitors below with features that best suit your baby’s need and yours too.

Best Traditional Baby Monitor That Guarantees Privacy (Non-Wi-Fi)

  1. Infant Optics Monitor

This is the best overall baby monitor among our selected few.  In addition, used by many parents and guardians due to the many awesome features it possesses.

If your baby is sleeping in a separated room or taking a nap upstairs the Infant Optic baby monitor should be your pick. Not only will it help to ease your anxiety but also has 8 volume adjustments and 8 zooming features.

Being a traditional baby monitor it takes care of your baby privacy and home security as it is not connected to Wi-Fi. Most parents have a fear of the monitors being hacked and exposing their home/baby to strangers.

To retain more battery charge you can use audio function only and sleep off the visual section.

Best Overall Monitor

  • Comes with a stand-up monitor unit and a short antenna for quick frequency collection.
  • Can remotely view your baby as it has a camera unit and an optical zoom lens.
  • Easy to install; has a wall mount feature easy to fix on the wall.
  • Effective with the 3’ and 10’ cords which can be placed in different places.
  • Easy to operate and use, comes with a simplified manual guide.
  • Can view if your baby is comfortable while sleeping or standing by tilting up and down at 120 degrees, zooming and moving the buttons in different angles from left to right at 270 degrees.
  • Clear view pictures remotely with its 3.5, screen.
  • You can talk your baby to sleep as it has a two-way communication feature until they sleep.
  • Has an alarm, light indicator (even when you turn the volume down it blinks).
  • Noise and temperature feature helps know how much to dress your baby.
  • Works without breaks as it has a night vision and can monitor your baby even in the dark.
  • Great transmission range of up to 700 feet with no obstruction.
  • Uses RF Frequency of 2400 Mhz ~ 2483.5 Mhz.
  • Above all, you can get a wider lens for more zooming options.



  1. Babysense Video Monitor

Babysense Video Baby Monitors feature high quality baby monitoring technology. Besides, it provides parents with peace of mind and excellent user experience.

Definitely affordable and does not need the internet to operate the two-way communication monitor.

You can comfortably monitor your baby up to 900 feet, as it is great for long-range coverage. Apart from this, with the 2x digital zoom, you will never have any doubts about your baby’s activities.

Improved infrared night vision technology enables you to view your baby clearly even when lights are off.  The monitor can also check on the temperature to keep your baby comfortable.

Babies are known to sometimes be active, hence this monitor is great with the high-quality LCD screen. It allows you to observe your baby sleeping or playing during the day and night clearly.


Baby Monitor with Best Overhead View Setup

  1. Nanit Baby Camera

Very advanced camera ever as it tells you when your baby is fussy, awake or asleep and when she moves.

With its advanced features, it can zoom and deliver very stunning quality HD live views.

Watches over your baby even when the internet is down and comes with clear night vision nevertheless. With an app on your smartphone, a Wi-Fi-connected camera is used to keep your child in view always.

It analysis your baby’s activities and sleep even when awake and records every action and with who. It also compares your baby sleeping pattern, gives you teaching in case of sleeping problems (that might be unique to baby).

Enables you to coach your baby on sleeping patterns and see improvements.

This app is tailored to your baby and analysis her sleeping patterns undoubtedly. Subsequently no interferences while still using other apps. It detects motion and sounds and can be viewed remotely from anywhere.

Flexible and can be carried on family vacations or family dates. It comes in 3 styles to suit your location and has a great continued aerial monitoring. A plus to many parents who have a question in relations to if it has radiation as it comes with baby-safe technology.

Able to captures memorable moments and milestones of the baby as they grow with its friendly camera.

Also, has temperature and mobility sensors, that ensure your baby is comfortable always. It is a gem in any baby’s house worth every penny.



Wireless Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with Breathing Monitoring

  1. Cocoon Cam Plus – Baby Monitor 

All in one wireless Wi-Fi baby monitor, no wearable needed. It tells you how your baby is breathing and behaving.

Particularly you can check on your baby on your smartphone screen, you do not need an external screen.

Apart from that, it is one of the affordable baby cameras that most parents are looking for.  Just have an app on your phone and you are good to go for remote viewing anytime.

Besides, you can stream live video of your baby with audio from anywhere.

The vision mode is real-time as well as provides a heat map. Shows exactly where your Cocoon Cam is detecting your baby’s movement.

If your baby breathing patterns changes it alerts you immediately. Gives any parent peace of mind knowing your baby is ok even when sleeping on their belly. You do not need to turn her or keep sneaking into her room and interrupt her sleep when worried.

Excellent clear HD live stream video with night vision and zoom capability.



Best Baby Monitor for Long-Range Coverage

  1. Safety 1st Baby Monitor

If you have a huge house you want a baby monitor that not only caters for your baby needs but connects well. Additional, accessing it remotely from your office or garden or the back of the house with ease.

Safety 1st monitor comes with numerous features from remote viewing with a 24 hr schedule. Moreover, provides clear photos of your baby activities with the 720p HD video feed.

Reliable as you are able to see your baby even in darkness as it has 12 infrared lights for clear vision.

User-friendly as well as, you are able to adjust volume and customize alerts, motion sensitivity levels with the app.


Best Audio Baby Monitor

  1. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

If you are not a fun of viewing videos you can opt for the audio baby monitor.

Vtech monitor enables you to listen to your child murmur/cry with the use of DECT 6.0 Digital technology for crystal-clear transmission without interferences.

Good thing also, it has a two-way communication system and you can talk to your baby from anywhere up to 1000 feet range.

The lightweight, battery-operated parent unit operates for up to 18 hours on a single charge.  No need to worry that it will switch off at night when not fully charged.

Awesome alarm as it gives a beep when the charge is almost totally out.

Comes with 5 level volume indicators that tell you when your baby is awake or making trouble. With different volume pitches your baby exhibits in her room you will know when she is awake.

Best for travel as it is portable and lightweight to be carried on the go.

Comes with a double unit for constant communication between the baby and the parent. One for the baby and one for parents.



  1. iBaby M7 Baby Monitor

Adorable and a beautiful baby gift Wi-Fi baby monitor that soothes your baby to sleep.

Sometimes all your baby needs is some lullaby and a moon filled bedroom to soothe her to sleep.

The ibaby monitor brings this to reality as it entices your baby with colourful entertainment projections and early development features while soothing her/him to sleep.

This is one of the baby monitors with awesome features, from schedule diaper and feeding alerts.

In addition, temperature, air, and humidity sensors. It is a flexible monitor for creative parents as you can add your own baby favourite tunes in the playlist.

Easy to use and allows multiple users to access it simultaneously from different devices with 1080p video resolution.

Unique MFI connection technology that enables you to share access with different family members with faster connectivity than others in the market.

Awesome video quality and clear night vision. It uses high definition and allows you to save photos and videos of your baby in the reliable app.


Best Baby Monitor with Dual Cameras

  1. MoonyBaby Monitor

Am impressed by this monitor as you will be able to monitor both kids in their rooms at once with the dual cameras with clear reception up to 1000 feet without obstruction in an open area.

The monitor is able to alert you of any temperature changes and out of range from the baby.

This is a must-have monitor and more especially when you want to hear the baby and not fear losing reception for any parent. Indeed comes to with a great quality camera, decent price, great sound and easy to use.

If you have two babies in separate rooms you can go for this monitor as it has a split-screen, where you can see two rooms or both children side by side at a go.

This baby monitor lets you monitor multiple cameras from the same 4.3-inch LCD monitor efficiently with secure wireless technology.

It is not connected to Wi-Fi hence guarantee your privacy.

Comes with important features from long battery life, Two-way talkback, Baby room temperature monitoring, 5 built-in lullabies, Zoom in and Power saving/Voice activation mode, Scan mode, and Camera wall mount ready.

One of my favourite monitors as you can still zoom in to see your baby up close. Lastly, comes with a long battery life of up to 12 hours in power-saving mode.



  1. Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor

Best baby monitor for travel as it is easy to set up and no logins or passwords required.

You just plug it in and are good to go. Has quality 720p pictures and does not need Wi-Fi to operate it.

Moreover, with a 5-inch monitor, you always have eyes on your baby clearly.

It has 330 degrees of plain view and 110-degree tilt giving you the full view of your room. In addition, it has an optional wide-angle lens and can make the room view brighter when adjusted.

The camera has two-way talk, can be zoomed to shows a sharp picture with 10 times more detail than ordinary 240p-display baby monitors.

Has continued audio happening even when the screen is off and captures temperature too.

It has a shorter range of 460 feet making it ideal for even a small roomed house.


  1. Lollipop Baby Monitor

Differentiating sounds can be an uphill task for other monitors. Regardless of this, the lollipop monitor is able to differentiate a baby’s cry when she needs attention and other surrounding noises like wind and send you an alert.

Has a security zone that you can set inside your baby crib and if there is movement or anything is amiss you will get a notification, so cool.

The monitor analysis your baby activities and you are able to get a data history of what’s going on with your baby in their crib.

A good way to keep the other family members on the baby day to day activities as you are able to share viewing. You can also save up to 7day, 30-second video in case of later viewing.

The monitor can also check on baby temperature, humidity, and air level if paired with its matching sensor.

Easy to set and comes with soothing calming baby music that soothes the baby in her bed.

Finally, has numerous features ranging from baby safe silicone with an infrared Led for night vision, 4x digital zoom and high-quality lens for a clear view.



Final Thoughts

Baby monitors are a popular choice for keeping an eye on your baby as they sleep away from you in their room. If your house is big and you may be a fair distance from your baby as they sleep, a monitor can help you hear them at all times.

Many baby monitors now include a video option where you can see your baby sleeping, playing with her toys or monitor her breathing rate.

Get peace of mind with our best monitors above to see if your baby is OK anywhere and anytime.


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