10 Best Baby Bibs 2021 Review

With the best baby bibs, babies do not need to soil their clothes while feeding or drooling. Sometimes removing stubborn stains from baby clothes can be overwhelming. One is forced to soak them if the stains are stubborn, use bleach or vinegar. Considering babies have sensitive skins it would be better to wear a baby bib and avoid stains than using harmful detergents on their clothes.

Best Cotton Baby Bibs

1. Little lucky Double Layer Bibs

Looking for a unique baby gift that is pocket-friendly? Little lucky bibs are not only made of pure soft cotton but are also comfortable.

Additionally, protect your baby against drool rash and reflux as the fabric is 80% cotton and 20% polyester hence keeps baby clothes dry.

Recommended for babies above 1year as size is 30*22cm / 11.8″*8.66″.

Also, we have various sizes depending on the baby’s age. For instance, for a smaller baby, one can get a baby bib with a smaller neck.

Unisex, stylish baby bib that comes in a set of seven, giving you choices for different feeding times.


2. Aden + Anais Snap Bibs

Aden easy-fitting baby bibs provide multiple snaps in front for easy fastening and an adjustable fit that grows with the baby.

Comes in a pack of 3, 100% pure cotton that is super absorbent, fashionable, and breathable. Aden snap bibs provide generous coverage for newborns, infants, large babies, and even toddlers.

This trendy and stylish design has a contoured snap to fit comfortably over the baby’s neck.

Easy to clean as it is machine washable.


Best Waterproof Baby Bibs

3. Green Sprouts Waterproof Baby Drool Bib

Most newborns eat every 2 to 3 hours or 8 to 12 times every 24 hours. Clearly, this may not give you enough time to wash each baby bib.

Green Sprouts baby bib is not only waterproof but can be cleaned easily by a quick wipe for the next baby meal compared to the others.

Furthermore, the baby bib gives ultimate protection from drools, burps, and spit-ups as it is made with waterproof lining and knitted well with cotton and polyester.

Can be adjusted to the baby neck for comfort as he grows and easy to take off with hook-&-loop closure.

Definitely, a must-have for your baby as it is soft absorbent, formaldehyde-free, azo-free dyes, PVC-free, and machine washable.


4. Bumkins Sleeved Baby Bib

Babies can be adventurous while eating and mess everything around. Bumkins sleeved baby bib is the best fit for s messy baby with its sleeved design. Not only does it cover the whole of the upper body but it is also easy to clean being waterproof.

Importantly, it has 2 flaps at the bottom to catch food when baby spills keeping the feeding area clean.

The sleeve cuffs are elastics ensures no food goes up the sleeve as the baby feeds and keeps touching herself/himself.

Good size for babies between 6-24 months and has an adjustable back tie closure that can be loosened or tightened safely to keep comfortable during feeding.

Great for outdoor parties or trips as it is lightweight, comfortable, stain, and odor-resistant fabric that can withstand any messes, so just wipe clean.

Apart from this, the bibs are BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free hence safe for the baby.


5. Bumkins SuperBib

Bumkins waterproof bib catches all the nasty spills when feeding your baby during traveling as they are easy to clean.

These baby bibs come in handy with unplanned meals when the baby accompanies you for trips or outdoor events.

They are ideal and convenient as they are stain and oduor resistant and have a handy crumb catcher / catch-all pocket for containing spills.

These are bibs that take less storage space in the diaper bag, are nice and easy to put on and adjust with a loop and hook attachment.

No worrying about icky stuff growing between layers of fabric as it is made of 100% polyester, lightweight, and breathable with TPU coating for waterproofing.

It is safe for babies as it is BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free.

Recommended for babies from age 6-24months and is machine washable.


Best Baby Bib for Teething

6. Little Bean Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

Babies droll a lot when teething and little baby bandana bibs are the best fit. Avoid rashes around the mouth, neck, and chest with this super-absorbent baby bib to keep them.

The unique design help catch the excess saliva under the chin which could makes the baby’s clothes moist and a breeding ground for bacteria.

Little baby bibs are perfect for newborn and infant stages all the way to a toddler. (3 years old) with 3 adjustable snap sizes at the neck.

Get your baby this extra soft comfortable baby bib that will keep her happy all day long by absorbing spit as the front is made with 100% all-natural cotton.

Spoilt for choice as they come in a variety of colourful, adorable, functional bandanas a pack of 8 to choose from. Besides, the quantity allows you to change the baby bib hourly or when messy.


7. Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bibs

Keep your baby dry even when drooling with these stylish drool bibs made of 100% absorbent cotton on the front and 100% polyester fleece on the back.

Recommended for newborns and toddlers from ages 3-24 months as it has 2 nickle free snaps adjustable in size.

Keeps baby’s clothes clean and dry as the snaps are secure and hard for baby to pull.

Comes in a pack of 4 with colourful designs that can make a great baby gift from loved ones and friends.

Although expensive they are worth it for both genders during teething or excessive drooling.


Best Silicone Baby Bib for Travel

8. Hudson Baby Bib

Is your baby a great traveling partner? Babies can be messy while eating and can have difficulty getting food from the tray to their mouth.

Hudson baby 100% silicon baby bib comes in handy during this time as you just wipe clean with a damp cloth or wipes or rinse with water.

A good baby essential item while traveling as one can roll it and keep it in a diaper bag for cleaning later. Also has neck fasteners and can be used by baby at different ages, a baby bib good to be there all along as baby grows.

This baby bib will not inconvenience you to wait for laundry washing or drying as one rinse or wipe will make it clean, unlike fabric bibs.

Unquestionably, while outdoor or in a restaurant you will keep the mess less as this bib has a built-in pocket designed to catch almost all the food that babies drop while eating. It is a roll and go bib for all occasions.

Comes in 2 adorable colors and designs, making your baby look cute and friendly. Besides, they are safe for babies as they are BPA Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free.


9. BabyBjörn Baby Bib

The appealing eye-catchy bib is easy to clean with a quick rinse or wipe due to the fast drying plastic material.

Can’t get enough of the functionality, keeps the area clean as it has a big pocket below to trap any spilling food that baby missed to swallow.

Comfortable and safe for baby as it is BPA safe with it none chafing adjustable neckband.

Comes in a pack of 2 with warm powder Yellow/Blue colours befitting your adorable baby.

Apart from this, it is suitable for babies’ ages from approx. 4 months.


10. Premium Baby Bandana Bibs

Are you looking for baby bibs specifically for your baby girl? The Ana wiz is the ideal baby girl gift with adjustable nickel-free poppers for babies from age 3 to 36 months.

Made from soft plush fleece 100% organic cotton to prevent baby skin from irritation and rashes.

Avoid constant baby whole outfit change as the material is thick and captures moisture from penetrating your baby’s clothes.

An essential baby item when starting their weaning journey or teething process as it keeps baby dry.

Will fit perfectly with your princess overalls and dresses with its adorable colourful animal prints that can be placed neatly even her when in a carrier or stroller.



You want to keep the baby clothes clean and the eating area less messy? Get the best baby bib among the top 10 above. It will save you a lot of cleaning up and allow the baby to drool and eat while still keeping dry.

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